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Discussion in 'RLC' started by polar69, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Ok quick licence question for the experts.

    Last year ( 2008 ) I completed a full familiarisation package on the 6X6 Pinzguaer truck.

    This package was presented by the MTWO and all testing was carried out by him.

    However my FMT600 was never annotated with pinz6X6.

    My question is would the MTWO hold some sort of licence register and would my qualification be entered on there.

    Also now I have moved regiments would the new MTWO have a record of my qualifications ?
  2. This should have gone on your FMT600....

    Simplest solution is to track down your old MTWO and send him the document to sign..

    (unless of course he was not qualled to run the course, in which case you are skrewd...)
  3. If you have no reason to drive the Pinz 6x6 at your new unit then there is no point in having it put on you're 600. Anyway if you haven't driven it for 12 months then your out of date and need to complete the training again!!
  4. New unit is pinz. Would I have to do a full fam or refresh ?
  5. You should have received a record of achievement that listed all the training objectives taught, that would be enough to prove you have done the course and passed all required standards.

    It should also have been entered on JPA, if neither of these have happened I guess the course was run off the cuff by an un-qualified instructor or an un-licensed course run by the unit.
  6. Polr69,

    Speak to the Master Dribbler at DRLC TDT in Deepcut. He will be able to give you chapter and verse on this and also confirm if the training was licensed (if it was, they will have all the details you need).

  7. Cheers guys, I have tracked down our old unit mt rep, he is asking the old MTWO for me!

    Nice to see the arrse works for good still :p
  8. That master dribbler happens to be a good friend of mine! 8O

    And he only dribbles when p!ssed... :D
  9. I know, he does it very well doesn't he, thats why he got the job. :D
  10. Can I drop him a text Dev and mention your name ? ;)
  11. Is pinz a spec qual? Im not in work at the moment so I dont know the answer off the top of my head. If it is classed as a GS vehicle then a suitably qualified DGSCDI can carry out the conversion and document it in your Driver training record.
  12. By all means do mate, can't guarantee it will be to your benefit though. :wink:
  13. In his defence, I have only seen him really dribbling once, that was in the upstairs bar during Corps skiing. He can't drink. The big girl.
  14. Whatever happened to "3 times around the square and in here goes the key" driver training? Has the army got all PC nowadays?.
  15. No. Its called "Duty of care" and a little thing called Corporate Manslaughter.