Licencing Laws

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fartsac, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Just listening to the radio - clearly doing no work at all!! - and the new Licencing Laws are being discussed.
    Trouble is that I can't make my mind up about the issue.
    Everytime someone says something which seems sensible, someone else comes along and poo poos it.
    Any comments??
  2. Well I remember when opening in the afternoon started, we tasked ourselves to do a Leo......We wouldnt rest till we could all do it......then the novelty wore off and we went back to reasonably sensible hours. So I have challenged myself....and indeed other ARRSErs to do 'a round the clocker'....once thats out of our system then we will be back to normal jogging, as it were.

    Now, it is cavalier attitudes on alcohol consumption like mine, that cause this heated debate.
  3. Once the fuss has died down we,ll all be wondering why we put up with the current hours( which where formulated in WW1 for so long). It could be argued that the culture of the typical "brits on the piss" lager lout is a result of 80 years of overprescriptive regulation of the alcahol market.
    I,m not suggesting that city centres will become models of continental cafe culture overnight. But I reckon its well worth a try.
  4. It drives me feckin mad that I can't buy booze after 10 pm in the supermarket. What's the point of 24 hour shopping if large parts of the weekly shop are excluded. And aisles blocked off on a Sunday morning - what's that all about? Especially if I'm doing a shop on the way back from church (as has been the case!).
  5. I am for delegalisation of almost everything. If people want to drink, take drugs, speed on the roads etc. it should be their informed choice not dictated by a nanny state.

    Like all these things we will soon wonder what all the fuss was about.
  6. Thats all well and good and nice and liberal of you but what about the innocent bystander who gets hurt by the drunken junkie speeding down the road?

    Best result of 24hr opening would be only small groups of drunken idiots wandering the streets at a time instead of all at once.

    Worst result. 1800s London gin problem all over again.

    Thing is only something like 500 applications for 24hr opening have been made and 300 of those are from supermarkets.

    Looks like the pubs don't want the hassle of hiring more staff, paying extra utility bills etc.

    Mind you I live in Germany where you can get a drink any time you feel like it :)
  7. The bit missing from the debate is seats. Cafe culture necessitates seats, sitting at a table you drink at a slower rate get less drunk, and cause less problems. If there are virtually no seats everyone stands, drinks at a higher rate, gets drunk quicker, and fights when bumped. Loud music drowns out thoughtful conversation and is replaced with rapid banter and more drinking. Guess why the drinks industry converting "ye olde public house" into "staggerabout creek"? Vertical drinking establishments have much higher profit margins than cafes and pubs.

    Throwing everyone out at 11:00 is a trigger to some of the strife, but the precursor is the consumption rate and the environment.

    Licenses have a section that limits the occupancy, it should be related to the number of seats and tables and on a factor of less than two, not the floor area.
  8. i think it's pretty stupid. I mean in Northern Ireland, the idea seems to be "O.K drink till ya puke then give secterian abuse to random passers by" if this is gonna happen all the time, then I wo't go out at night.
  9. There are things that people seem to over look:

    You can only humanly consume a certain amount of alcohol
    You can only afford to buy a certain amount alcohol
    You can only turn up last pishe up so much until you get sacked

    If you have no job, no dosh, no beer!

    Give it a few weeks and it will be situation normal.
  10. I was chatting to the landlord of my local a while back. The only way he can get a licence past midnight is if he installs CCTV and employs licenced bouncers. Thats not going to happen in a backstreet boozer, especially when the de facto closing time is midnight anyway.
  11. Funny how all the 'kin dole scroungers seems to be able to get shitfaced easily enough :)
  12. We already have 24 hour opening in Edinburgh and have had for many years. It's worked by staggered opening. One boozer closes say at 3am and one nearby opens at that time but closes at 3pm in the afternoon. I can't say that I've noticed any specific problems concerning these pubs and they have been very useful for a late pint in days gone by when I lived in town.

    What did cause a problem was all the pubs closing at the same time in the west end. You had masses of drunks heading for night clubs all at the same time and huge fights broke out. That was mostly sorted by staggering the closing hours of pubs up Lothian Road.

    In my honest opinion 24 hour opening will sort out the lout culture to a great extent because there will be no incentive to cram as much drink in as possible before closing time.
  13. My daughter was publican of place that won a serious award last year. She has given it up and moved into another line of work. There are all sorts of increased costs and the extra opening is just too much extra cost, work and responsibility to be worth the effort. The no smoking thing was also a factor.
  14. By far the worst thing about this change is thae way that the responsibility of licensing has passed from magistrates where it has resided for centuries to local councils. The consequence of this is a vast rise in administration costs, red tape and general meddling as can be seen in the way that the cost to licensees has multiplied. Look how much it is costing village halls to comply where previously it was down to people using them for events to get a temporary license.

    If I was cynical I would say it was yet another way to get people onto the public payroll in councils and therefore make them clients of this Labour Government.
  15. One of the reasons is to stagger (apt word) closing times so every one doesn't yam 3 pints at 11pm and scrap in the taxi rank. Whats going to happen is that everyone will be doing exactly the same thing but at midnight with a extra hours boozing in them