Licences, still a good idea?

I'd be interested to hear how those of you who made the jump recently are getting along. The current rumour is that some people have been invited back to the service. Any comments?
I know of one Maj who recently left to join the airlines who has been made redundant following Sep 11...there goes any retention bonuses for us all!!  I also know the heads have written to a number of retd Capts and Majs asking them to come back.
I hear the latest retention incentive is about to be released shortly and is apparently alot fairer than the last knee jerk joke. Anyone got any more info?
My source at the skool of eqhilence, says it is being with-held to see how sept 11 has affected the drop out / return rate.

and yes people who are out are being invited back (for a nice little bonus) Not stripey types.

try and talk to one of the yah's who went on the Kapitans meeting, they have all have the gen

regards N Genfire

Start a thread to say how bad it is outside and how everyone wishes to get back in.  Then post it in a forum like this.

Nice try, but clear as ice.

Still, should the manpower (aircrew) shortage get too great, you can always call in those taking up LSNs, getting the dosh, by working in RHQ, families offices', training wings etc.etc. :-X

Making  the numbers add up is the easiest things to do, however, perhaps a visit to the coalface for real will make Col T etc realise we DO have a big problem. :-/

Instead of being a real ignoramus in respect of the E3 situation, allowing non entitled pers to get FRI 1 and realising PVR isn't the only way of leaving the service, may I invite him and his cronies to smell the coffee and then wake up. :mad:

(and thats another thing)

Thanks for getting this far ;)
I didn't so much jump ship and neither was I pushed, I just came up against my sell by date and had a CO who catagorically stated on my CR that he didn't want my shelf life extended.  To be honest it was the best thing he did in his time at the unit, had no option but to go out and get a job which is what I did. My new machine is only 6 months old, stae of the art as opposed to in a state and I know exactly what my work pattern is to be for a very long time and they can't throw short notice jobs at me. I feel sorry for the guy's who went for the "big birds" but the powers that be need to understand that what happened on 11 Sept wasn't something that will be repeated every year or two and the market will recover. When it does they will see just how many came back for the life they have to offer and how many came back through a need to pay a mortgage or feed the family. I had a laugh in my time but was glad of the move, the Army I joined was changing too much. When they took away the right of the guard commander to shoot someone for turning up grotty for duty they sounded the death Knell for discipline!
I was very concerned at the time (>7 years ago) when I left but now flying for the police I wouldn't have it any different. My time in was great some of the time but when you leave it has to be for a new career and not continually bleating about what you have left.

True civvy street isn't perfect but it gives you several options that the mob doesn't. The most notable being telling an incompetent boss to 'push off' if you feel the need. Also one doesn't have to continually see the wheel being re-invented on every change of CO.
Much the same as Marco. Did my 24 years and don't regret any of it. About 18 months before I left I decided that I'd had enough and it was time for something different. I was fortunate to be able to wait until I was offered the job I wanted.

Been out 5 years (my god, is it that long) and I certainly would not go back, even for an extra 10 grand a year.
Been out 5 years now and do not regret it at all. If you have any doubts about continuing service then there is no doubt. It's time to move on. After having read all the replies, it is clear to me that there has been no change to the awful state that prevailed when I served. Bitter? naw not realy........just annoyed at myself for not seeing the truth earlier than I did.
I heard that a fairly hefty post bag of flyers to potential Sept 11 casualties went out.

"Might be interested replies" can be counted on one hand!

Creation of new no-frillys, el cheapo airline at Luton (poss Go branching out) might just kick start recruiting / soak up laid offs etc.

Sadly, flying was not the main reason for many guys leaving..(lack of promotion, enforced desk jobs, PC, lack of resources, overstretch,Pay cut 2000 etc, etc). Having the white passport, was just a means to end.

If there is any doubt about remaining, equally there is no doubt about making the break..good luck!
Get a licence, even if you have no thoughts of leaving at the moment it will give you the flexibility to act if you feel the need to do so.

I speak from experience, I was once the most kahki brained, army barmry soldier you could hope - or not! - to meet. One day I just woke up and realised I wanted a bit of control over my life but I couldn't act as I wasn't qualified to do anything but fly military aircraft and fire gimpeys. It took me the best part of a year to get my white passport but as soon as I did I was offski.

My only regret is that I miss the lads, although quite a few of them followed me out - the big exit of 88/89.

Just as well that I've left really, the Ruperts were getting younger and I was getting older and grumpier - not a good combination ;)

I pulled the yellow and black handles back in 97 after 7 years as a lynx jock. There are a large number of people still in, think that civvy street will love them and lap them up when they leave just because they're ex squads, WRONG, there are squillions of ex squaddies knocking about and all civvy employers care about is can you do the job. Its dog eat dog in the real world where no body watches your back and you find that if you want something done properly you really do have to do it yourself. My advice is if you are going to leave, do some homework first or you WILL find yourself in the poo!!
Get your white passport. Leave if you want too after that, I got mine about 4 years ago and found that it made me view the Army in a different light and also has made the Army view me in a different light. Certainly a nice position to be in.

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