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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Conor123, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. If you receive your licence in the British Army and have your car parked in a military base most the time is the insurance cheaper?
  2. I am afraid not, in my experience it tends to be worse. Usually because of the age group of the people you live with and the willingness of some of that age group who are willing to buy cars and drive whilst uninsured.
  3. How you get your licence is irrelevent for the insurance.

    Your premium will (probably) be increased by being in the forces just because of the weighting the insurance company apply due to the lifestyle that the forces tend to lead. Although if you speak to the company and explain where the bike is being kept they will probably class it as being 'garaged' or being in a private car park.

    Do you live in or are you on about if you commute to work?
  4. I'm starting will be living in army accomidation in March and passed selection.

    I thought it would be cheaper because its kept in a very secure car park and i wont be doing much milage only week ends and leave(i know that comes down to approx yearly millage).
  5. I think you'll find that we are considered a greater insurance risk, comparable with journalists, IIRC!

  6. You need an insurance broker fella, who would better suit your needs. They deal in specifics rather than the masses. Good luck.
  7. The saving you get from keeping the bike inside a perimeter fence is far outweighed by the risk the insurance company applies to you.

    The cost of your bike being replaced if stolen is nothing to an insurance company when compared to the 3rd party costs if you are blameworthy in an accident.
  8. You might also be a little surprised at how many cars get damaged while parked outside the block on a weekend. But, reading between the lines, I suspect your biggest premium issue will be your age. If you are under 25 and own anything more powerful than a hairdryer, ask the nice insurance man to at least kiss you before he F8cks you.