Libya's Last Jew - exiled once again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tekirdag, Oct 12, 2011.

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    So much for the transition of the 'Arab Spring' North African states to European openness, plurality and democracy.

    David Gerbi returned to Libya, after 44 years of exile, to open Tripoli's main synagogue. But after threats of violence, he is now returning to Italy. The 'Religion of Peace' lives up to its sardonic name once again.

    Libyan Jew, Returned from Exile, Is Blocked from Re-Opening Synagogue |

  2. Well judging by the anti-Negro pogrom they've staged in some cities I think the Libyans plunked for racism in a big way already. That the blacks were mostly Muslim hasn't been much protection.

    The Libyan Arab Spring is also are having great trouble recognizing the Berbers as even existing as an ethnic group and the pro-Qaddafi Tuareg have fled into the deep desert. All mostly Muslims, just not from the right tribe.

    Given that background it is a little strange that you chose to pick on the example of one brave but lonely Libyan Jew.

    The birth of modern nation states is packed with similar examples of victimized groups. Sadly if you want to get a country running quickly find some group that the patriotically charged mob can hate and drive out, Moors, Cherokees, Turks, Armenians, Irish Prods or Catholics, Baltic Germans, Pals, Vietnamese Catholics, Baghdad's Sunnis and Assyrians, Egyptian Greeks, Sephardi and now Copts. You just have to glance at the Daily Mail to understand the politically lazy but effective group dynamic of demonizing the other.

    Of course we should understand racism is not really incompatible with democracy. Indeed amongst Western democracies obsessing on race may now be somewhat impolite but was something of a norm until a few decades ago. Notable examples of insistently racially defined states still exist while holding absolutely free and fair elections.

  3. Its not strange at all, it was merely headline news on CNN. This is the News and Analysis section, is it not?

    And do get your '-isms' right, in this case. As with all Muslim states, this is not a question of racism, this is theism, pure and simple. David Gerbi may be from the exact same Semitic stock as the Semitic Libyans - the only real difference is that he is a Jew.

    Regards the negros in Libya, I think you will find the majority were simply migrant workers that did all the donkey work, just as they do (or their Bangladeshi counterparts do) in many Arab states. And while it might be unfortunate that migrant workers are expelled, that is not so surprising. It is something that the UK should learn - that migrant workers need not have a right of settlement or nationality.

    Regards the Berbers, Islam has long considered any African phenotypes as apes. The view is widespread across all of the Arabias. Fact of life, nowhere is racism as entrenched, as it is in the Middle East.

  4. It's their country, let then do as they please. We should keep our noses out of it. If we haven't learned by now the consequences of trying slap a country into our way of thinking we never will!
  5. More fool him for trying in the first place. The recent / current Libyan civil war has shown how they behave towards their fellow countrymen / co-religionists, very little chance for a warm welcoming for a rejected minority to return.
  6. this threads quite a laugh considering that the ethnic cleansing of the UK is tekirdags dream.
  7. Once again tekirdag succeeds in demonstrating his own religious hatred, prejudice and simplistic ignorance of current affairs.
  8. Cough Pot calling Kettle Cough. Lets face it over the past few hundred years just about every country in Europe and beyond where your mob has set foot in, you've received the boot and told to go away with varying degrees of success. There has to be something in it as you have managed to irritate almost all religions of the world, hardly a religion of peace yourselves are you?

    Come join us in the 21st century when you stop wearing silly items on your napper and learn to shave properly, we may take you more seriously. Until then, most of the west will just group you with the rest of the pointless religious nutters in the middle east, please stay there.
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  9. I think they managed to do rather more than "expel" quite a lot of them. Unless that's a common euphemism nowadays for "indiscriminately massacre" and I've stupidly failed to pick up on the changing language.

  10. Cultural cleansing, Stealthy old boy, cultural cleansing - do get it right.

    Nothing to do with race, and not that much to do with religion either, as long as that religion does not encourage the hatred, torture and murder of everyone else in the community.


  11. You are probably right, and if you can enlighten us with a few links, I am sure we would all be interested to discuss the issue.


  12. Que?

    How does highlighting threats of violence and murder towards a Jewish Libyan class as 'religious hatred'?? Do enlighten us.

    Ahh, I know.
    Like many liberal apologists for hatred and murder on the streets of Europe, you class anyone who disagrees with Islamic culture as knuckle-dragging Nazis. While you, being a rabid anti-Semite who would dearly love the Jews of Israel to be herded into the sea, are a paradigm of virtue.

    Strage how the world changes. Only half a century ago, the anti-Semitic Jew haters like yourself were the true knuckle-dragging Nazis.

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  13. I'm not keen on any fundamental religion so I see very little difference between Orthodox Jews or those who rigorously follow the Islamic code.
    Ignoring the Nazi's (Jewish first line of defense on how hard done by they are). Just have a quick look at the graphic below, the Jews have been irritating most of Europe for almost a thousand years.


    At which point do you think an introspective look at your own ways of dealing other cultures needs looking at?