Libya's anti-Kadhafi rebels no democrats, report claims

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Afghan_Kandak, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Libya's anti-Kadhafi rebels no democrats, report claims

    TNC chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy
    Reuters/Philippe WojazerBy RFI

    The anti-Kadhafi uprising in Libya is neither democratic nor spontaneous, according to a delegation which visited the country last month.

    Their report, published by two French-based thinktanks, claims the rebel Transitional National Council (TNC) wants to impose Islamic sharia law and that the uprising is motivated by regional resentment and vindictiveness.

    While condemning Moamer Kadhafi’s regime, the group says that “true democrats” are a

    The group, organised by French thinktanks Ciret-AVT and CF2R, visited Tripoli and Tripolitania, under the control of Moamer Kadhafi’s forces, and rebel-controlled Benghazi and Cyrenaica in April. It included former French intelligence chief Yves Bonnet, former Algerian minister Saida Ben Habyles and Franco-Bulgarian writer Roumania Ougartchinska.

    minority in the TNC, which has been recognised by France and a number of other countries.

    The democrats are working alongside monarchists, radical Islamists and Kadhafi regime defectors, like the council’s chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil, a former justice minister who twice confirmed the death sentences passed on five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor for allegedly deliberately infecting 400 children with HIV.

    And, the observers point out, only 13 of the 31 TNC members’ names have been made public, with representatives of the west of the country, most of which is under Kadhafi’s

    Despite its dubious past, the Kadhafi regime may have been trying to reform, according to the report, thanks largely to Kadhafi’s son Saif al-Islam. It points out that a new constitution was being planned with the help of well-known intellectuals who were members of the Kadhafi Foundation, including US academics Francis Fukuyama, Joseph Nye and Benjamin Barber and the UK’s Anthony Giddens.

    control, kept secret for “debatable” reasons.

    The movement is “an armed uprising of the east of the country … which tries to present itself as part of the Arab ‘spring’, with which it has nothing in common”, their report says.

    The report seems most concerned at the threat of establishing a base for Islamists in the region.

    Article I of the CNT's National Charter states that sharia should be the basis of the country's laws and the report claims that the Libyan Islamic Combatant Group and Al-Qaeda both claim to have fought against Kadhafi's forces during the uprising.

    The revolt has inspired three to four million migrant workers to flee the country, “at a time when their own countries are suffering a high level of unemployment”, it says, adding that “all blacks in eastern Libya were considered to be mercenaries in the service of Kadhafi”.

    And it dubs the Western intervention in the country “adventurist”, threatening to destabilise Africa and the Middle East by providing a base for radical Islamism in the region.

    Nato air strikes have hit a hospital in Mizda, wounding about 40 civilians and Korean doctors, and other non-military targets in Misrata and Ziaouia, the report adds.


    Accusing France, the UK and the US of going much further than the UN resolution authorising air strikes allowed, the delegation says that secret services were operating in the country before the motion was passed and continued to do so afterwards.

    France, in particular, could lose business and influence in Libya if Kadhafi is not overthrown, thanks to an “exaggeration” of its role in supporting the rebels both in Paris and Beghazi, it claims.

    Libya's anti-Kadhafi rebels no democrats, report claims | RFI
  2. Again Afghanistan 1970's returns, but in Libya.

    Will the Western governments stop using tax payers money to support a Islamist Government who will 9/10 chance would turn on them.
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  4. In another news shocker, bears are believed to defecate in the woods and Pope fails to deny claims that he's a catholic...
  5. He does have a point.

    I watched a documentary the other day on current TV, called "The Extreme Tourist= Afghanistan.

    I also commented on a thread asking for some info and Kandak replied to that, basically saying the CIA had backhanded a rake of afghan warlords in dollars and weapons to rise up against the "Taliban", i doubted this was true until i watched that docu, and it is indeed true, and now those very same weapons are being used against the coalition forces there, sounds very similar to whats happening in Libya TBH.
  6. As I see it tax payers money is being used either directly to kill Moslems, or indirectly to enable Moslems to kill Moslems. Now that would appear to be good value for money and I don't see a catch?
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    You might do once they've sorted out their differences and a consolidated West-hating Government in a strategic location and with formidable energy reserves decides to export more than oil to the infidels north of the Med.

    Afghan Kandak has every right to laugh - this was the most forseeable and avoidable foreign affairs cock-up since Suez and not only did we walk right in but we're mired at a time when the means to intervene in Syria might have delivered a real break-through in the Middle East. As it is, we're now stuck in another insoluble sideshow, allied to God knows what and paying handsomely for the privilege.
  8. The catch is, when we spend our money on " indirectly to enable Moslems to kill Moslems". When they achieve there goal they then turn what they have gained againstus and that when we have to start sacrificing British soldiers or american soldiers to go and sort it out, its happened three rimes now, we armed Iraq to resist Iran in the 70's and 80's and looked what happened there, Then there was Afghanistan and now look how all thats turning to shite, and now its starting again with Libya. Its pretty easy to see a pattern here.
  9. The european "weak underbelly" states need a kick *********** and everything the French military has ever touched has turned to shit.

    This is our chance, a replacement for the long mourned cold war. Plus a wake up call for all the soft nappy wearing padded cell southern European governments.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Your French point is spot on - French foreign policy is usually massively flawed and we do not prosper when we get drawn into their lunatic schemes. France has some particularly weird ideas about its status in Africa and knocked heads with Gaddafi repeatedly over Chad in pursuit of them. I firmly believe that we've been talked into another Froggy debacle, largely by them playing heavily on David Cameron's desire to play Bwana on the Dark Continent and to stride the global stage righting wrongs whilst China buys the place up.
  11. Try reading a couple of books instead of basing your position on a single documentary you've seen and AKs anti-Western agenda.
    Iraq wasn't resisting Iran in the Iraq-Iran war, Hussain was on a landgrab believing Iran was in disarray following the Islamic Revolution and he got a pretty nasty shock when they didn't cave in. How that can be blamed on the West is beyond me.
    The arming of non-Taliban Afghans by the West didn't lead to the Taliban taking over , it was the failure to invest in the reconstruction of the country or as Charlie Wilson put it 'we****ed up the endgame', that led to a destroyed state being over taken by an extremist regime. As an aside what evidence do you have that Afghanistan is worse now than it was in 2001?
    Libya in 2011 has little in common with Iraq or Afghanistan of the 1980s so you'd need to explain how you see a pattern.
  12. muslims killing muslims, an excellent state of affairs, this should be encouraged.
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    How about 'It'll be Allah Right on the night" ? Presented by Dennis Norden ?
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