Libyan Rebels(Rats) have just released 600 Alqueda Militants

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Afghan_Kandak, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. [video=youtube;PgBzZtzqQ_M][/video]

    Like I said, Afghanistan the remake 2011, Western forces once again, have unleashed the devil,Shaytan,lucifer!
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  2. Why do you continually need to be told that there is a thread dedicated to the situation in Libya?

    I hope the mods flush this and you with it you utter simpleton.
  3. Al Qaeda Number Two Atiyah Abd Al Rahman Killed In Pakistan, US Government Claims | World News | Sky News

    World's at least one (Libyan) ****** short if the report is accurate.

    US government announced death of senior AQ member Atiyah Abd al Rahman.

    Anyway, read the full bit at

    Islamic militants among prisoners freed from Libyan jail -

    It points out amoungst militant detained in Libyan prisons there are "pro-Al Qaeida" elements.

    Sounds like HMP Belmarsh.

    All in how you write it up, a screaming headline that doesn't seem established by the article. Not every salafist is a Jihadi, not every militant is a AQ sympathiser.

    Let's not get things out of hand too quickly, eh?
  4. Gadaffi is a prick, but the Islamic fundie rebels who have so far lynched black people and opened up on civillians for supporting gadaffi are so much ****ing worse!
    Recieving Imperialist backing under humanitarian cover is such a thinly veiled pretext for re colonisation of Africa and the domination of oil resources and the protecting of British and western intrest and the hope of installing a puppet regime to fund American and european neo colonial empires.
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  5. Muslim killing muslims release some more muslim killers of muslims who'll probably go on to kill a load more muslims.

    Does anyone really care?
  6. Saves us a job.

    I'd post a witty rebuttal to AK's repetitive horse-cack, but the stultifying aura that surrounds the fuckin' sock puppet is making everything except my lizard brain shut down in self-defence. So I'm just going to call him a ****. Oi, Afghan Kandak - you're a ****.

    That showed him, eh?
  7. Well the Christian News Network would say that wouldn't they?
  8. It's almost like it's a civil war and those black people are mercenaries who've tried to keep the man responsible for the torturous deaths of a lot of people in power, isn't it?
  9. The 21st Century equivalent of Edward Gibbon's History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    Throw in a couple of Jews and that's the whole of the Middle East covered for the next century.
  10. Its just comments like that, that will be used by extremists to recruit young disenfranchised losers to AQ and its like. Please bare in mind there are many Muslims in the British army RAF and Navy
  11. Its just comments like that, that will be used by extremists to recruit young disenfranchised losers to AQ and its like. Please bare in mind there are many Muslims in the British army RAF and Navy
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer, there aren't .... actually.....go take a look at the DASA website for the official figures.....less than nought point five percent of the UK Armed Forces in 2010 is Muslim..LINKY for the hard of hearing:

    ......whilst it is true that < Tabloid headline-maker ON > There are currently 'More Muslims Than Jews in British Army!! Shock , horror outrage storm, bus unchocked!!...pic p.17' </off>
    BOTH are significantly outnumbered by those whose professed religion is 'Jedi' or NONE.

    ( and of course those who quite rightly saw their Arrse and muttered that it was nobody's damn business WHAT their religion was and left the box blank....)

    There are five times as many Muslims in the US Armed Forces as in ours - not too difficult given the disproportionate size of the Yankee Imperialist Aggressor but nonetheless true.

  13. Good God, man, don't try to bring facts into a thread started by Afghan Kandak! The universe will implode! Or something.
  14. Disenfranchised losers are hardly likely to join either the Royal Navy or The British Army. The RAF on the other hand............
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  15. You had me at, "Muslims killing muslims.":twisted: