Libyan Propaganda

I cannot believe that this 'colonialist crusade' has so far missed every school, hospital and mosque in Libyia. Just how much expensive weaponry do the RAF and RN have to chuck around before they hit something the BBC can report on.

We can probably excuse the RAF, after all, when they were told that they were flying from southern Italy, they never bargained for the rain that they are having there at the moment. The RN have no excuse.

Any suggestions as to how we can help the Libyian propaganda ministry report this war in a manner suitable to the BBC?


If you want the State Broadcaster's POV, you need to destroy a few trees. That'll get Sting fired-up, along with a couple of tofu-knitting specialist 'correspondents."

Mark The Convict

Something will need to be destroyed, preferably 'endangered dolphins' or some such. It's easy, just have a boatload of journalists waiting at the boundary of the bomb dumping area in the Med. Wait for a warplane to fly over and dump its stores and kill a few mermaids. Or pirates. Or some of these cunts; African Penguins

Film the ensuing few seconds' worth of splashing and inconclusive sub-surface activity and call it 'CARNAGE' or something equally emotive.
No - at the moment, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation appear to be on-side. Maybe those that decide 'what causes are right to support' in the BBC have decided that Ghadaffi is 'a bad thing' and deposing him would be 'a good thing'. They did a similar thing in Egypt where the BBC in the form of John Humphries described the supporters of the revolt as heroic whereas the supporters of Mubarrak were described as thugs.

In Iraq, by contrast, the BBC did not agree with the invasion and the deposing of Saddam Hussein and consistently briefed against the coalition, most noticeably by the po-faced Caroline Hawley reporting from the roof of her 5-star hotel in Baghdad about things that were happening hundreds of miles away.

What it has done is to force Japan off the news agenda and dragged the BBC circus from their comfortable billets in the fleshpots of Tokyo and back to the relative squalor of Libya. As a licence fee payer, I dread what the bill for the expenses will be, bacause, as we all know, no one spends like a BBC team on outside broadcast.

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