Libyan 'frogman' sent to train in Rome couldn't swim

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. Well at least something about Libya made me laugh:

    "One of the dispatches from Feb 17 2009 and titled “The frogman who couldn’t swim: a co-operation cautionary tale”, recounts how the Italian Government funded a Libyan to attend “a training program in Rome on underwater explosives detection and demolition”.

    It continues: “After several days of classroom instruction, the candidates - it was a regional course and included students from several countries - were taken to the pool for their first practical session in the water.

    “The instructor directed the students to don their masks and regulators and enter the deep end of the pool; however, after several minutes, the Libyan student had still not entered the water.

    “The instructor walked up to the student, put his mask on, shoved the regulator in his mouth and pushed him into the pool. The Libyan student sank like a stone, spit [sic] out his regulator and swallowed a great deal of water.

    “After pulling him out and pumping the water out of lungs, the Italians learned that the Libyan student could not swim and was not a member of the Libyan GPC for Public Security or any GOL [Government of Libya] entity.

    He was the cousin of an official tasked with selecting participants for training programs and had simply wanted a vacation in Rome.”

    Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni contacted Tripoli “straight away to pre-empt any Libyan accusations of mistreatment of their man”.

    Italian officials also verbally protested that Tripoli “had sent an unqualified candidate to participate in a program paid for by the Italian government.

    “The next day, the Italian Embassy received a formal written reply in which the GOL [Government of Libya] frostily averred that it was the responsibility of the Italian governnment to ensure that candidates for its training programs were properly qualified, and that the Italians should have taught him how to swim.”

    Wikileaks: Libyan 'frogman' sent to train in Rome couldn't swim - Telegraph
  2. Libyans pfft. Crap at everything. Can't even die of cancer when they are supposed to.

  3. Has anyone checked what courses Jim Shorrt was doing on those dates ?
  4. Reminds me of the Arabs I went through training with, when it came to doing the swimming test it was like the Raft of the Medusa, bodies flailing around wildly in the water with very little effect. One bloke actually had to be dragged over to the side as he kept sinking. Funnily enough none of them were failed, can't imagine why?
  5. Should have seen the two I did dunker training with in the tower at HMS Dolphin. Four of us strapped into the Wasp module at the top, and over we went. My oppo and I bobbed to the surface, while our two Arab cousins headed south, catching the safety divers half-asleep. The two chaps practicing welding at about 50m were quite surprised.............
  6. Just makes it even funnier when they have to do it for real as predictibly they all drown and their commanders just shrug their shoulders and declare it was the will of God.
  7. Like that ancient, and I'm certain false, dit that the RAF train Arabs to fly straight and level for a few seconds after each manoeuvre so that if we ever go to war with them they'll be easier to shoot down!
  8. Makes perfect sense. Remember that story last year about the Regiment training Libyan special forces I wonder if they trained them to do something utterly retarded in the killing house for a good laugh.
  9. This is going on on all levels. "Local ownership" demands that we leave selection to the client of our defence diplomacy (paid for by our tax money and with all the good intentions). The result? F*cktards who don't speak the language(s) of instruction, can't swim, etc etc. ... all to keep "the client" happy.
  10. The rumour we always got was that they magically passed everything despite being useless as their governments paid us a ton of cash to do it, didn't realise it was paid for by HMG.

    We had a mixture of Omanis, who to be fair had good English and were pretty competent, and Kuwaitis, who faked illnesses/injuries in order to get out of doing any physical work and refused to help out with a store ship as it would involve handling cardboard boxes containing bottles containing alcohol. Ramadan was the other catch all excuse, which was fine until you head out to the quarterdeck at standeasy to find them tabbing up and eating chocolate - all 'haram' during daylight hours I believe.
  11. So he didn't progress to the Underwater Knife Fighting phase?
  12. I met a guy in a local Hilton who was longing for his flying instructer tour to end. Almost all of his pupil pilots would respond to noduf or real dramas by only reciting prayers yet complained if they didn't get to fly through "star wars valley" (ultimate 3d ride)
  13. Nothing new. A mad Mick [Paddy K.....] did the BCAD course at Marchwood in the '70's and could not swim. His theory was that they gave you a dry bag to wear and breathing aparatus so what was the problem?!
  14. I can't say it surprises me. On a similar note, the Libyan government runs an extensive sponsorship scheme to send students abroad for Masters degrees. Generally, they pitch up looking to do something totally different and which they're completely unsuited for. We knock 'em back, they ask why, we tell 'em it's because they haven't studied subjects A, B or C before.

    Within the month, they're back with a letter from their home university saying actually they have studied A, B and C and got excellent marks but the university just forgot to mention it before.