Libyan diplomats told to leave UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Let's hope they don't try to wave from the balcony again.
  2. I find this news absolutely and utterly disgraceful, what are the British trying to acheive by doing such a thing, America has murdered over 1 million Iraqis on false charges of WMD's, therefore why are the American diplomats still present in the UK, Britain is in no position to expell anybody on grounds of oppression,mass murder or intent to silence, with Britain's record of supporting oppressive dictators around the globe, and its hand in supporting the Bahrainian police in attacking civilians, even those being treated in hospital are not spared, as a note, for one to consider, it would be more beneficial for the British to worry about Uncle sam's close relationship with the Argentinians, and to finalise this comment, I feel it would be advisable for the British, to consider using its populations to manufacture and produce, and stop neglecting its own work force.
  3. I hope gaddafi stayes in power. Hague is such a moron. Who are we to say who the government is? Let's face it, Libya has been a disaster.
  4. Really, well considering the current regime and diplomats have carried out murder and terror attacks on Britain, we should have more reason than most to boot them out.

    Do you have a short or selctive memory?
  5. [QUOTEI feel it would be advisable for the British, to consider using its populations to manufacture and produce, and stop neglecting its own work force. ][/QUOTE]

    You don't appear to do much fcuking work, on here all day, get back
    down that fcuking Sewer and no, can you fcuk as like have a new
    toothbrush, if that one's fcuked, use yer beard.

    Israelis, bunch of lazy buggers, eh!
  6. qoute
    "Do you have a short or selctive memory?"

    He's an constant wind up mode.When you find out who he really is,you'll be surprised.I was.
  7. Do Tell?.....

    It could be you!

    Your Spelling/Grammar is shit as well!
  8. They'll be sorely missed in the mobile phone shops of the edgewar road and by the holy sisters of the horizontal order of covent garden!
  9. and Britain isnt funding terrorists in Libya? Plus America has supported terrorism in the UK, how come you dont boot their diplomats out? Remmeber the American ties with the IRA?
  10. Pm me your number...Ill call you...and you can tell me all about the person you think Iam...Anyway sod off ****! stick to topic, and stop being a troll!
  11. There is only one troll on this thread and that is you. As for sticking to topic we aren't discussing the USA the thread is clearly about Libya. If you can't post on topic dont post.

    Back to topic, Hague appears to be a serial incompetent, and how come the Gadaffi regime still maintains an embassy in London. It should have been closed 4 months ago as we started striking targets.
  12. Uh, not really, bobthedog. Explusion of diplomats is part of an escalation of intent which you may not always want or need to resort to. To provide a comparison, the Argentine embassy stayed open throughout the Falklands War, and you even had Argentine footballers playing games without being herded into internment camps.
  13. Disaster? Nah.
    Embarrasing and expensive? Yes

    It is to be hoped that a suitable oil deal is forthcoming from Benghazi as suitable recompense for the UK's expenditure but it isn't a disaster. A few Tornado's and Typhoon's dropping bombs is preferable to a full blown shooting match of the kind seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The odd visit by the RN would be quite nice but its a shame the MOD only deploys ships to Libya enroute to the scrapyard
  14. Now that Britain has recognised the National Transitional Council as the legitimate libyan government, how long will it be before we are 'invited' by them to put boots on the ground?