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*Russian Troll*
The G7 foreign ministers met in France on Friday in preparation for an upcoming larger G7 meeting in a few months. The meeting covered a number of issues, but one of the public statements made said that they wanted to put a lid on the current upheaval in Libya and want Haftar to stop his advance on Tripoli.
He-he-he... They could try to stop him. It will be rather funny.
LNA combined arms tactics.....
It is an interesting point of view.
The strong pushback against General Khalifa Haftar’s bid to take the Libyan capital, Tripoli, endangers one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s risky bets. But even if Haftar loses, Putin will keep seeking similar adventurers in Libya and around the world to back.
Russia’s version of great power foreign policy these days is an exercise in the art of the possible: Take a gamble on those who are themselves willing to take a gamble on Moscow’s aggressiveness and the murky economic benefits it can offer.
Some interesting videos claiming to show what seem to be North Americans fighting in Tripoli on this twitter account...
I can't comment on the genuineness of the video in terms of where and when it originated, but with regards to "North Americans", the guy sounds like an American, not a Canadian.

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