Libya threatens European attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. APF are also running a similar storyline. However it is being treated with derision, the by-line being these are the ravings of an isolated leader in hiding as one must note that the "speech" was not made in person to the assembled throng but by a telephone message. So one must question the validity of such a speech!! What was proposed was State-sponsored terrorism, something we have seen before, unlike last time it would be a damn sight harder for him this time round as his capability has been severely degraded. It aggravates me when I read Al-Qaddafi's spokesman complain about NATO killing civilians. The question that needs answering is: "How many of Al-Qaddafi's men have murdered and raped civilians?" I suspect that many are against Al-Qadaffi in his Tripoli stronghold but Al-Qadaffi tries to stop the media meeting them. That is called propaganda - propaganda of the worst kind, something we all have to live with, like it or not.

    Well, thanks to the kinetic don’t-call-it-a-war in Libya the terrorist part of Al-Qaddafi’s rule may be back, suppose you could call it a "dead cat bounce"!! Unlike the vast majority of contributors to this "forum" Al-Qaddafi has not thought through the consequences of such an action - any terrorist action at his behest will probably be met with retribution of the worst kind - indiscriminate destruction of Libya and its people, something that I would abhor as they have done nothing other than be swept along by a megalomaniac clinging to power by his finger nails.

    I say to each and everyone: listen to the unspoken, read the unwritten the truth is out there somewhere - all we have to do is find it.
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  2. Well if Gaddafi uses special forces troops etc... to carry out attacks in European countries wouldn't that give us the legal right to activate NATO and roll in the tanks since we'd be acting in self defence?
  3. They need to form an orderly queue behind AQ, PIRA etc.
    It's not new that a bunch of pissed of Muslims want to kill us!
  4. I'd take it as a sign the game's up. He knows it'd be the excuse they're waiting for to take the gloves off and really kick his arse. (is there a prize for mixing metaphors?)
  5. At the start of the current situation, he threatened to attack shipping in the Mediterranean. Although his navy has mostly been neutralised, and any remains of his air force are hiding (although a desperate attempt to attack NATO might bring them out) does he have the ability to attack passing vessels with shore based anti ship missiles?
  6. I hope we drop an amphibian Bde on em. Oh hang on...
  7. I think it's just his usual blather. This is a line he's crossed many times in the past and not just before his deeply cynical rehabilitation by Mr Tony and his BP chums. Qaddafi tried to have King Abdullah bumped off in Saudi a couple of years ago, which is part of the reason he's in this fix. It's also a reason to expensively persist in trying to rid of him that can be sold to the public.

    I fully expect he has plans for full spectrum pay back for operation Bunga Bunga. Frightening the Italians by shipping black chaps to their shores is just the beginning. If he manages to survive against the odds his old chums Sarko and Silvio would be well advised to up their personnel security measures.

    That Libya has sunk into chaos and the stacks of arms that Benghazi has liberated onto the weapons Bazars may finally be a larger threat.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Not sure if old Mo Mad Dog can claim credit for that, seeing as it was already true quite some time ago.
  9. Interesting point, NATO attacks Libya, a sovereign state grappling with a revolution. Like it or not Gaddafi is the legal side of the equation. The attacked legal state, defends itself by an SAS type raid on the aircraft/ crews at their home bases. We can then wade in with our ground troops, which are already pretty stretched, engage in a land war, which we may or may not win.

    If we do win will the rebels welcome us with open arms as liberators? Or show the infidels the door?

    If we lose, then what?

    Selection and maintenance of the aim, seems to be missing, in this operation.
  10. offices, families, which would become legitimate military targets,

    I wonder where he got that phrase from. The fenian fuckbag kiddyfiddler adams by chance?
  11. I for one welcome the imminent arrival of our Libyan overlords.

    What's that? Sorry, I'm just hearing in my ear that this is just Gadaffi's usual bluster, and we're as likely to be attacked by Libyans as we are to be invaded by Tonga. Panic over.
  12. After a decade of having Blair teasing tagnuts from his tail with tender tongue, he's probably feeling as sore as a sunburned neck about the rough treatment he's getting all of a sudden. He's not much of a threat, unlike those we are currently protecting from him.
  13. Unless Gaddafi has prepositioned terrorist cells in NATO countries, with arms, cash and a network of safehouses, I don't think there's much to worry about.

    It's possible that he could slip small teams out of Libya with shoulder launched anti aircraft missiles or bergans full of PE; or some similar mischief. He's capable of demanding pretty much anything from his own people. Making it happen is a different matter.

    If he does succeed in taking out commercial airliners, shipping or a tourist attraction - the ops in Libya will become personal and he'll be finished.