Libya: SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Libya: SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi - Telegraph

    Bt the way it is a violation of rules and customs of war. Soldier must have a uniform and bear weapons openly. Or being captured he would not have rights of a POW according to Vienna convention.

    Do you think that the decision to use SAS soldiers in Tripoli was right?
  2. What makes you think it's true? The Balcony Rule states clearly that newspapers must claim all conflicts in which the UK is concerned, must involve operations by the SAS. It's a sort of time-honoured journalistic convention, like fiddling your expenses and being sick in taxis.
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  3. We neither confirm nor deny the story and we do not comment on the special forces. End of.
  4. Who gives a **** if its legal or not.

  5. So, kgb_r, you're suggesting they swan around the streets of Tripoli wearing CS95 and sandy berets?
  6. Freeman, The Daily Telegraph is well informed and serious edition with links to the decision making circles. So, being just an allegation not confirmed officially, the role of SAS in Libya, looks at least as not impossible.

    Apparently so called "rebels" were helped in their storm of Tripoli. Months of the war showed them as rather armed gangs that are unable to perform more or less coordinated military operation.

    So how the "rebels" managed to "capture Tripoli". No doubt foreign mercenaries used or foreign military or special forces were used.

    If it is true, that SAS soldiers took part in the storm of Tripoli then it is possible that one of more of them missed. Maybe even they were captured by Gaddafi forces. In this case it could be a serious problem for HM government.
  7. If they catch him. Make sure he goes to an ENGLISH jail.
  8. Don't forget about the defection's from Gaddafi's military. Now they might not be a world-class military, but some input from the hundreds of defections might have helped. Plus, some rebels' will have had a period of National Service would they not?
  9. I'm afraid you are a bit out of date.

    The DTel USED TO BE well informed, serious, links etc etc, but hasn't been for some years now.

    It's just a big print version of the D Mail nowadays, and not really to be trusted.
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  10. So that will be 2 years suspended and 150 hours of community service, plus house and benefits for all his family and hangers on.
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  11. I strongly doubt that few defectors could plan and perform such a complex operation. The "rebels" still voided uniforms and are in fact armed gangs. with such an army you can plan a local or as maximum a tactical operation but not a storm of such a huge city as Tripoli.

    But was Tripoli indeed captuted? It is not clear. Col.Gaddafi appeared more smart than one could think.
  12. One of the BBC defence correspondants said yesterday (along with a quip about now being banned from further MOD briefings) that the SAS were in Libya, but were more in an advisory role and the front line blending-in-with-locals tasks were being undertaken by Qatari (and other Arab nations) SF
  13. I'm not saying the rebels' aren't 'armed gangs'. I'm merely saying that maybe with the number of defectors from the regime, there will be a few people who could plan the best way to utilise the forces availiable to them.
  14. Why shouldn't he SAS be present? Let's face it there must be "representitives" there from several countries with an interest in the outcome.
  15. Well, let's suppose that the story about SAS in Libya was invented by Telegraph's journalists. But why? The allegation is too serious to be absolutely unfounded. It is more probable that it is a planned leakage to prepare public opinion.