Libya - IRA Victims compensation claim.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Old_Gregg, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Clicky

    Labour finally doing something right or a cynical attempt to deflect attention from the Lockerbie situation?
  2. Furious back peddling and arse covering plan has been implemted!
  3. I have a feeling, not backed by any facts mind, that the govt will simply pay the libyans to compensate these people, after of course, the libyans put up a token protest.
  4. I don't want to diminish the suffering of these families,but can they proove that the Semtex all came from Libya? This would be a corner stone of the argument?
  5. A massive u turn on the part of Gordon and his friends. Believe me, this wasn't the plan until one or two people took him aside for some quiet advice about how to avoid a potential uprising by the good folk of this country.
    The man and his cabinet are completely clueless when it comes to gauging public feeling.
    Still it serves us all right for voting him in!!!!!!!
  6. Yes they can, along with some shiney new AKs and RPGs.
  7. A massive U turn, but unfortunately he knows the chances of success for those who were affected by IRA bombs is nil to no chance.

    Brown is supposed to be tough on Terrorism, yet he deals with states that for decades have promoted and supported terrorism across the world. If Brown had genuinely been against terrorism why are Adams and McGuinness etc. not in jail.

    Brown is about gaining the headlines, unfortunately this government, like the last months of the last conservative one, is limited in capabilities and is directly responding to news stories. It is bereft of ideas, and deeply unpopular.

    Anything to change the story of the headlines about Lockerbie at the moment.
  8. FFS GB is an idiot, why not change your mind once the key bargaining tool is gone. Absolutley no chance of success and wholly likely to p*ss of Lybians. Not a problem you might say , but why then was it decided when TB was at the helm not to bother because oil more important. Gov'ts are not necessarily about justice but about what is best for the whole population. I wish they would admit this and move on. I sympathise with the families but just think they are wasting their time and money.

    Some leadership please, stop swithering (to use a good Scottish word) and try and stop us all looking like tw*ts for being led by a madman (see another thread). GB is just lurching from one jolly good wheeze to another.
  9. The Americans played hard ball and got $2.7 Bill for the 270 victims of the Lockerbie disaster.

    Gordon Brown is a spineless to$$er.

    "Jeffrey Donaldson, one of a number of MPs who intend to travel to Tripoli next month to pressure the Libyans to offer compensation, said Mr Brown had “followed the foreign office line that trade comes before victims.

    “I want to know – and the victims are entitled to know – why Gordon Brown does not have the same desire to stand up for the victims of IRA terrorism as George Bush showed standing up for American victims,” he said.

    Besides securing compensation for Lockerbie victims’ families, the US has also managed to get $10 million in compensation for Americans injured in IRA bombings in London during the 1980s and 1990s.

    The outcome compares sharply with the experience of British victims injured in the same attacks, some of whom received payments of less than £3,000 to compensate them for serious injuries.

    The Libyan-supplied Semtex was used in the 1987 Enniskillen poppy day attack, which killed 11 people; the June 1988 bombing in Lisburn which killed five soldiers taking part in a fun-run and another bombing a month later in Ballygawley which left eight soldiers dead."
  10. Well what do you expect, The Labour Party is effectively the Political Wing of the IRA.

    Can we not have Broon removed from power on the grounds of his clear mental incapacity?
  11. Not knowing too much about this, how can they sue/pursue compensation from a country for an act carried out using it's equipment/weapons?

    Not trying to downplay anything, but wouldn't this be akin to the UK being sued by someone who has been on the wrong end of a UK-sold SLR in Sierra Leon?
  12. And a shed load of 7.62 x 54mm Medved ammo. For which PIRA had no weapons. And a load of SEMTEX and other stuff.

    Google Eksund - but there were others!
  13. Badly. Once again making it up on the hoof and flip-flopping the "stated position" in response to the latest bad headline.


    Ed Balls undermines Gordon Brown statement on Lockerbie bomber release
  14. i was wondering along the same lines
    also has any attempt been made to make a civil claim against the 'known players' like with RIRA/mckevitt for omagh?
  15. Who qualifies as a victim of the IRA and is therefore eligible for any compo?