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Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. Aunty Stella and I depart to Holland tomorrow to pay our respects to family members who fought at Arnhem for the 60th Anniversary.

    His girlyness and dampness has shown through in the organisational area of the jaunt.

    I was happy to dive on the easy jet and bimble via whatever means from Schippol to Arnhem, having booked digs prior to the trip.

    I have listed his library monitoryness below.

    1. Has a copy train timetable from Schippol to Arnhem Fablonned
    2. Has booked both our cars into the Airport car park, requested east facing so the sun doesn't shine in to the windows.
    3. Has a car park plan and a park and ride bus timetable to the terminal fablonned.
    4. Has emailled the Dutch railway to find out whether there is a buffet carraige on the train (1 hour trip)
    5. Has emailled the airport car park to check the frequency of the patrols.
    6. Sent me an email yesterday reminding me that petrol on the motorway is more expensive than at your local station, advising me to fill up early.
    7. Asked me if I was taking a waterproof and a packed lunch

    The above is just seven out of about twelve examples of the lesbian tendencies he is displaying, Am I going with the wrong chap?

    He will probably give a retort like 'If it was left to you we would never go' or something equally dull, he even started packign his bag threee weeks ago

    :D :D :D :D

    All of the above is 100% true or may god not have beer available all weekend
  2. Watch for the sensible shoes, always a dead giveaway.
  3. After they have dealt with the serious bit of why they are going across.

    I bet you they still both end up inebriated,partially unclothed(if not fully)
    somewhere where they shouldn't be :wink:
    and rumour has it Grolsch brewery have been on 24hour shifts since they booked travel :lol:
  4. I beg a favour, could you please pass on my respects to those that gave their all.


  5. Is he, in fact, a chap at all? Have you checked? Outrageous girliness.
  6. The man is a puff, he begged me no to tell but it has to be done

  7. so he likes the taste of his own pillows!

    even munchers have standards it seems :D :D

    respect to all those who did not return
  8. will he be taking a bottle of hp sauce and some teabags , so he doesn't have to eat that "foreign muck?"

    you're loving this MDN aren't you.
  9. The real giveaway about his being a lesbo is if he enjoys eating pussy... well does he?

    That and wearing dungarees...
  10. Also have to say, am intrigued as to what the other five might be...
  11. He did ask me to remind you to take your own field ambulance and driver in pink tutu to sit out the war with. :lol:
  12. Don't most drivers wear a pink tutu anyway?
  13. so any guesses as to what the "un-named" items of girlieness are?

    wellies "in case it's muddy?"

    an iron "so i'll look smart"

    come on MDN spill the beans.
  14. Has he booked the Thai Man-whores in Amsters, for after you have done the solemn bit? :D
  15. He confessed to taking a fold up, roll uppy type kagoulle, the type that folds and stores in its own hood.

    He was going to the chemist to get some form of tablets for adjusting the hardness of the water.

    He was taking a basic first aid kit (you never know)

    Travellers cheques????????? as the Brummie puff hasn't evolved or heard of debit / credit cards :D