Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Phil306, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. PMSL!!! :D

    Good one Phil!
  2. Yes, Phil - you're right. But where did the notion of "liberty" come from? Without us wicked Limeys you'd all be French!
  3. I thought one of the aims of the 1812 war was for the yanks to claim Canada as part of the US. By the end of the war, just how much territory had they gained? So the americans declare war and end with no gains? Doesn't seem like much of a victory....

    Of course, we're very grateful that you liberated France all by yourselves, acquired the Enigma machine and undertook precision bombing from 30,000 feet. Of course, we're actually aware that the americans elected for daylight bombing because they couldn't find their way home in the dark.

    We're also very grateful for the Lend Lease destroyers (many of which fell apart), though it's difficult to find a mention of the ASW destroyers and trawlers that WE lent the americans.
  4. War of 1812.. Hull " Invades" Canada....ahem..

    General Hull, upon receiving a ' nastygram ' from General Sir Isaac Brock saying ' cease and desist ' or we'll sic the Injuns on yo ass, promptly turns over his sword and calls it quits without a shot being fired.. Court Martial follows close upon...

    Yes, indeed,

    seems you need to put a bit more ' spin' on this, doctor...
  5. You also forget to mention that when the US Army escorted (i.e. force marched) one of the Indian tribes (am I allowed to say that or is it Native American/First Nation?....whatever) from the US to Canada they used a two regiments of cavalry. At the border they were met by one...yes ONE Brit on horseback. When asked where the rest of his men were, he replied,"Well, there is only one tribe isn't there?"!!!

    Oh yes, and I believ that the American Revolution was actually started becaus eof an increase in taxation...not about liberty. A;lso that Mass. and Connicut didn't want to rebel, they were loyal to the Crown and were finally given an ultimatum by the other 11 states to join or be destroyed. Something your history books don't mention (or the fact the the British fleet was beaten (yes, I can admit a French one not American).
    Before crowing, get your facts right. But then when has Hollywood got the truth in the way of a good story.
    BTW Self WAH!!!!
  6. I started to read some of the teachers notes, and they started off well, and then slowly but steadily degenerated.

    I know that history is written by the victors, but even so!
  7. My Grandad said he saw more Americans cry than fight. Now that's what I call oral history.
  8. Unfortunatly, the average american wouldn't know the truth when talking about history if it walked up and slapped him in the face screaming "I'm the truth of your history"!

    As is the case in the UK today, what is taught in the history classroom is very selective and in american classrooms, geography is almost non-existant, well when it pertains to anything outside the boundaries of the USA anyway. The rest is grabbed from the screens of cinemas and screens of their televisions, and we know how accurate they are don't we. All films have to portray the US in some form and when they are protrayed in a historical context they are always portrayed in a positive light.

    Maybe it's time for a new era in Hollywood films, showing other cultures and peoples and historical facts rather than pandering to the bias of their paying audience.
  9. More septic propoganda.

    I got p1ssed off by that friends episode where old yank bloke says something along the lines of "you'd be speaking German without us" and did some research into this.

    Short story is that the yanks borrowed french guns and shot us in the back. There was one major battle between the 'americans' and the British. The yanks outnumbered us 3:1 and we still pasted them.

    Then to top things off, they invented a currency without having any gold. Unsurprisingly, it collapsed.

    We told the yanks, that if they stopped shooting us in the back, they could have the land after we'd defeated that other five nations.

    It's in the top 10 of bad decisions that we ever made.
  10. Now come along Americans - you cannot expect any Brit to know all of our British history - there is simply too much of it. If we had only been around for a couple of hundred years, fair enough, but come on. Magna carta, Shakespeare, Hundred Years War, industrial revolution, kings queens and stuff, roads, railways, the jet engine, Trafalgar, Darwin - well, there is just too much.

    Easy for you lot, one home win, one away win (WWII) and lots of score draws and away defeats. And did you know more US soldiers died of flu in WWI than died of fighting?
  11. I'll give you the British have a LONG history of military excellence. No doubt about it. Lots of good commanders, lots of good battles; on the other hand, lots of bad commanders and lots of bad battles. The US, of course, are "youngin's" compared to the British fighting. We DON'T have the history you do.

    However, like it or not, we still won, TWICE, against you :)
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It might be worth pointing out that at the time of these 2 occasions that you think USA beat UK your team were subjects of the King and therefore this was really a civil war. Most of those who took part were English, Irish, Welsh amd of course Scots, with a sprinkling of other nationalities (not counting the original owners of the land) on both sides.

    To date I have still to be pointed to a war the USA have actually won. Participated with UK in 2 major ones but both times very late to the crease.
  13. I beleive you can count the american-spanish war as a win (albeit a rather easy one).
  14. Hey, spin your british propaganda anyway you want. Bottom line, you lost, we won. Bottom line, in WWI and WWII if it weren't for the US, you werould be fcuked. Like it or not, the facts are just that; the facts. You brits can twist, slice, dice, chop history anyway you want. The fact is: WE are the Superpower. You are not... Get over it.