"Liberty" at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speed_Air_Man, May 26, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4580305.stm

    Liberty, the well known group fighting for our rights :roll: are challenging
    the dispersal zones being operated by local constabularies and councils. According to the the 15 y.o. they are representing, it breaches his human rights. So what about the rights of people who don't want to leave their houses at night for fear of being attacked. Whilst I accept that large groups of teenagers hanging around are not necessarily causing trouble, as my fiancee puts it; "you feel menaced by them". She does not step foot outside (unaccompanied), what about her rights? What about the rights of old people who are prisoners in their own homes?

    Liberty claim that chidren are being unfairly judged and criminalised. Unlucky. We all get treated like this at some point; drivers by the traffic police, local councils telling you off for leaving your wheelie bin on the pavement, the list could go on. Deal with it and move on, if your not doing anything wrong then you've got nothing to worry about.

    This young man can claim (aware of possible hypocrasy in my rant here!) that he is doing nothing wrong. My answer to him would be that, true, you are not doing anything malevolent, but by being moved on or taken home (and not whingeing about it) you are helping to make the streets feel safer and stop people feeling like prisoners in their own homes. Surely that is upstanding behaviour (as this young man claims to be)


    Link for Liberty's site. Interesting to note that they bang on and on about "your/our rights" but not one mention about responsibilities.

    Anonymus quote "every time a person asserts their right, another persons is eroded"

    and as for Liberty's intentions, I leave you with the great Gustav Flaubert; " Inside every revolutionary is a policeman"

  2. Revolutionaries have such good appetites, I like Policemen but I couldn't eat a whole one.

    En-route to coat-rack....
  3. Let's lay on a Buckfast Bus to take the young rapscallions along to Liberty HQ. See how they like it then! :twisted:
  4. Actually I agree with them.

    I don't see any reason why law abiding younsters should have to curtail a normal teen life for the sins of the yobs, who'll be out the back door 30 seconds after the coppers deliver them to the front. Quite likely with their parents full knowledge.
  5. Isn't it about time someone set up an organisation to challange those civil idiots. With the Cry "If your not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear!".

    We support ID cards! Etc.
  6. The problem wouldn't arise if there were enough Policemen and women on the streets to keep the peace. Fewer MPs, more coppers, less taxpayers' cash to African despots~R~Us, more to the the real priorities - our safety, security and welfare; just because Brown has a big pot of treasure from the diligence of our industry doesn't mean the swine should be free to throw it into the pigswill of socialist dreams.
  7. There isn't a 'blanket ban' on anyone under 16 so if you are minding your own buissness and keeping out of trouble you're okay. What it does is gives the police grounds 'if they need it' to get trouble makers off the streets. Do you want that tool taken off the police? Leaving youths on the streets antagonizing the local population with nothing that the police can do against it until it gets to be too late and somebody's hurt?
  8. Until theres actually a crime committed you mean?

    Yes, I'm quite content for the Police to be unable to take anyone anywhere until they commit, or are adjudged to be in the process of committing a crime.

    In fact I'm rather opposed to them being able to do anything else at all.
  9. let's use the brazilian model (er...no not a model with a 'brazilian') of justice a la the disappearances of chavs from the streets.

    Sensible policies for a few Britain

  10. i rather suspect that were that the case thre'd be quite a few units up and down the country seriously under strength of a Monday morning.
  11. Are you implying Brown is a Socialist? If so, that's a joke!

    The real problem is that for decades, youngsters (and many unfortunate minorities - single mothers, asylum seekers, etc) have been scapegoated for much of what's wrong with the world. Just pick up the Daily Mail any day to see how the stories are carefully constructed to make your blood boil! You know, you with the narrow viewpoint of the world, you who can't see the reason behind this unsophisticated claptrap!

    They exaggerate the true extent of these problems and in the end it all serves to make us take our eye off the ball and perpetuates the tendency for politicians to keep themselves in power by presenting us with ever bigger or more threatening demons we've got to get rid of. It's all self-seeking and they KNOW that. My depressing prophecy for the future is that this nonsense will carry on and probably get worse (it also sells papers) as Mr Murdoch is fully aware.

    We need organisations like Liberty to remind us that our freedom is precious - the same freedom that Blair keeps invoking (but threatening to destroy through the introduction of ID cards). Don't attack Liberty - they're principled thinkers who have got our best interests at heart.
  12. The stories you're concerned about are constructed around minor issues - those which make the Mail's constituency hop about a bit, just as those which the Guardian inflates to the front page are of lesser importance that the real issues which should be of concern to us, of whatever colour our politics are. Those little stories about little issues sell their damned papers. Boring financial statistics don't, unless you're a boring financial statistician. Moral, ecological, educational, scientific and technical news tends to end up in the specialist editions.

    Democracy is not yet a mature institution. We're continually wrangling about the best way of imposing the will of the few onto the many, and the fourth estate is hindering with one hand what it helps with the other in the process.

    I agree with your last paragraph wholeheartedly.
  13. Frenchperson wrote :
    the same freedom that Blair keeps invoking (but threatening to destroy through the introduction of ID cards).
    Luckily, as a non-British citizen you won't have to carry one, will you?
  14. Frenchietwat, Liberty in my opinion and quite a few others, is that they are a bunch of self-gratifying, liberal whingers, with their own interests at heart and who have nothing better to do than try and say how we should respect others rights and not our own. For once something needs to be done to the youth of today to make them act and treat others responsibily, god know's the socialist experiment from the 60s has failed miserably but they still hang on to it. If it takes powers like this to get the buggers off the streets and in to their homes where they should be at that time of night, then on we go.

    I still hate this bunch of cnuts in power though
  15. Is the problem caused by young hoodlums, or by old gits with nothing better to do than twitch their curtains of a night time? I had an eventful childhood and did more than my fair share of hanging around on corners (drinking white lightening and thunderbird etc.) but never caused anybody any harm or made anybody feel threatened. Surely this is still the case today?....sadly not! While ever layabout who don't know what causes pregnancy are producing sprogs, the street corners of UK will be littered with ignorant little twa*s who couldn't care less about anybody other than themselves, because thats the way their parents think it is. People (notice I don't say children, because adults are just as guilty) generally have less respect for each other these days. Probably a by-product of high costs of living under crap governments, that mean people are too busy trying to earn a crust that simple things like social skills and etiquette go out the window!