Libertas - whats the beef?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tom_of_Bedlam, May 18, 2009.

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  1. I'll just start by saying that this isn't some cack-handed attempt at a party political broadcast, I don't have any links to the group in question beyond maybe voting for them in June.

    Like a lot of people around here I'd rather not vote for one of the major parties in order to register a protest at their current financial shenanagins. I don't want to vote UKIP because their MEPs have been implicated as well, there's something a bit swivel-eyed about Farage and although I think the current state of the EU leaves a lot to be desired I'm not convinced that getting out of it is a better option than reforming it. The Greens are loopy and my views on the BNP can be found elsewhere on the forum, so they're both out too.

    Then I found the website for Libertas:

    Sounds good to me so far.

    1) what am I missing?

    2) Is a vote for them a busted flush or have they actually got a chance of doing something with it?
  2. What's their definition of 'best done at an international level' ?
  3. I struggle to get my head around an anti europe, europe wide political party.
    I'm afraid they aren't clear enough for me. I appreciate the ethos but what I am voting for is severence from europe in all but trade.
    I will vote for whoever gives me that. Will Libertas?
  4. I think that's more at the UKIP side of the scale.

    It doesn't help that my searches for 'Libertas Manifesto' on Google have so far drawn a blank. they seem to have more of a presence in Ireland at the moment from the search results

    Leader in the UK is Lt Col Robin Matthews, ex Light Dragoons. Anyone know him?
  5. I'm lost. I have the choice of 4 Anti EU partys. How in hells name are they going to get anywhere is beyond me.
    English Democrats
  6. Libertas seem to be stalking me - every fecking website I go too I see their banner.
  7. Libertas was one of the main opponants of the first Lisbon treaty vote here, the leader Declan Ganly is English but carries an Irsih passport......
    Now they'd be on a slightly different side to myself in regards the EU, but it's an election, vote for them if you want.....some of their ideas I'd actually be in favour of.

    Now for the bad stuff, DG seems to be ever so slightly dodgy in his business dealings (perfect politician then).

    Libertas traded on Irish "nutrality" during the vote, ye Mr Ganleys company gets most of it's business from the US miltary....kind of hypocritical (again Politicain worthy)

    Libertas and DG seem to have made some odd friends in Europe, some of them distinctly of the unpleasent end of the right wing scale......just look what happened at their recent Rome forum.

    And some good stuff.....

    Mr Ganley is a smart man and seems to be about himself.

    Libertas may just work as a political party and not be a one party anti everything group IE UKIP, Veritas (remember them), BNP ect.....
  8. whatever happend to Veritas?
  9. Libertas makes a lot of sense if you believe that you can change the EU from the inside, into something that you want to be a part of.

    If you do believe that, give me a call, I've got a really good deal on this bridge that the Government is selling off cheaply...
  10. Not a manifesto but a statement of key policies:

    Basically they are in favour of the being an EU but don't like the way the current one is run.
  11. That joke only works in China where the bridges are state property, you can buy a bridge in the UK :lol:

    whether the price is cheap is another matter entirely.
  12. Party infighting crippled them mostly.
  13. It's a good list of 'areas for improvement', but it doesn't explain how they plan to go about it, which is the key thing to know if anyone's going to vote for them.

    They certainly seem to be a very broad chuch, everyone from French Agrarianists and the Spanish centre-left to the pretty sinister looking 'League of Polish Families'. I don't quite see how they can hold that number of disparate political entities together.

    Not convinced so far.

    Petergriffen: would it be right to say that Libertas seem quite Catholic? Seems to be a part of the identity of quite a lot of the affiliated parties.
  14. The Irish and UK versions no, they seem very secular to me, but on the continent they do seem to attract those types of groups, as you showed, the same in Italy, Czech republic ect........Lech Walesa was booed at their Rome conference by the Polish members.....weird.
  15. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    The EU is a mess but voting for a pan European party is symbolically and realistically accepting that our own parliament no longer matters.

    If Europe as a state actor was to work then we'd all be voting for pan European parties, that the only such party is anti-EU as it stands tells its own story.