Liberian Infantry Tactics Review

The images below were taken during the battle for the Liberian capital, Monrovia, where local custom dictates that the use of a weapons sights is strictly prohibited. Also prohibited are aiming, assuming a supported firing position - in fact anything that might resemble anything that might constitute marksmanship. Hip hop / rappa / gangsta poses are mandatory, as we will see.

Note this example of a perfect executed flamboyant sideways Glock Foh-Tay running stance.

Lethality is achieved by subjecting the target to a hosing down with automatic fire, undirected artillery & mortars or attempting to lower the intended targets moral with gesturing & aggressive hip-hop style dancing while firing. Points & respec are awarded for artistic effort, original interpretation, fearsome facial expressions & the gratuitous use of blue duct tape (but more on that in the extended entry).

When undertaken FIBUA operations, most militia units will use the Soul Train infantry formation during the advance to contact.

Your average militiaman, upon coming under effective enemy fire, will swiftly move to a suitable position & return accurate, well directed fire while waiting for his platoon commander to assess the situation. The amazing height & style on this one really impressed the judges.

Once contact with the enemy has occurred & the platoon commander has assessed the situation & formulated a plan, he will direct fire using tracer rounds & the one handed overhead blind shot, to indicate the position of da brizzles over thar.

As fire teams start to fire & manoeuvre, suppressive fire will be provided by a support section, often form the prone position - too bad that the mag spring has blown out of the bottom of this beautifully blue-duct-taped God of War magazine rig.

Other platoon members such as this pair often use the difficult of co-ordinate phat bammer swagger shooting stance while providing suppressive fire.

Note : this is the first photograph obtained by Western intelligence showing evidence that the latest issue combat flip flops urban are now on general issue

Immediate actions if caught in the open during a firefight, will include shouting Yo yo yo , fo shizzle.

or adopting the effective hangin wit mee homies firing stance

When moving to the assult phase, war cries are likely to include the much feared gonna cap yo ass biitch

& the ultilising specialists trained in the close quarters use of the feared Ken Dodd-tickling stick-Uzi combo

The nautical theme is ever popular as is seen by this militiaman wearing a stylish Kapok life jacket. It wont stop a bullet but it sure looks Boo-yaa!

Company support arms are frequently deployed at platoon level. Counter armour capability is provided by RPG teams. Adopting the Phat Batman Begins firing position is a new innovation but its bitchin hot, oh yeahhhh!

Intervention of Fighter Ground Attack is countered by AAA specialists as is shown here, adopting the homeless street person anti-aircraft position with great precision.

This gun team demonstrates the proper way to providing support fire in the light role utilising the non-aiming duck-walk method, keeping at least five feet of link trailing from the weapon at any given time. Note the suitably awe-struck look on the faces of the onlooking posse respec.

They look like the noisiest librarians I've ever seen!


Thats fcuking hilarious! Maybe we could get ourselves some expendable bodies and reduce the chav/hoodie problem by rounding the fcukers up and dropping them in the midddle of Taliban territory with rusty AKMs and tell them 'You lot reckon you're bad boy gangstas, heres your chance to prove it like these african chaps...'
Definitely Hip Hop, look at the size of his jeans 8) .......


Fo Shizzay Brraaaap![/align]

This is just pure class........


Mayn I hate Ak's magz they ngga hatas but they normally so damn good, if it breaks I might accidentally go Braaaaap Braaaaap!
Suedehead said:
I think they actually took over the country!! no joke!
Okay I avoided the obvious reply of "HAHA" but this is too much. Bunch of fcuking savages!

That bloke firing over head in his Texas Tuxedo is class!
nah, The Training Wing - the SASC guys are probably w@nking themselves raw over these pics! :p

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