Liberation of Baghdad II ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Read that and thought "strange" until I remembered that they were only in world war II for 3 1/2 years, not over 5 1/2.

    Any thoughts on whether it will work?
  2. CAPITOL = Oddly shaped building in Washington DC

    CAPITAL = Seat of government of nation

    Given that,I agree with what you say
  3. Asking a lot of their National Guard units is more to the point.
    Like U.K. forces a large percentage of U.S. forces currently in Iraq are so called 'part-timers'.

    Before any regs say its not true
    I know first hand that certain Corps units are regularly backfilled by 20 to 30% T.A. augmentees.
  4. As the Army adds new brigades it is expected to cut tours in Iraq from 12 months to somewhere in the 6-9 month range. The NG Bureau is hoping to get the deployment cycle to one deployment every 5 years. If we are able to draw down forces next year by 25% that will help as well.
  5. So the Septics are to "liberate" Bagdhad again? I'm just wondering if this isn't a desperate act on their part, since all they'll really achieve is pushing the insurgents from one place to another until the Septic troops are gone, after which they'll all return.

    On the other hand, if the "liberation" is done in the usual sensitive way the Septics approach practically every problem in Eye-rack, it'll just be another fücking disaster!

  6. It is a bold and interesting plan - rather than the head-in-the-sand approach taken until now - and General Petraeus has had lots of good things said about him. Perhaps if this approach had been taken elsewhere, the country would not be in such a bad state.

    However, the clever planning is unlikely to be given adequate resources - enough boots on the ground - to bring success. That would involve Rummy and Dubya admitting they fcuked up in the first place.
  7. At last! It's taken 3 years, but you've seen the light. An admission at last that you accept the US is failing in it's running of a country it has occupied for over 3 years! :roll:
  8. "Liberate Baghdad"

    How does one liberate a soverign state capital from its rightful citizens?

    Would one use 1000lb bombs dropped from high level from B2's?
    Heavy Artillery in continuous barrage?

    If they're going to pull out just get on and do it and let us keep the peace , as we have been trying to do,since the war finished.
    Fundamental difference between U.S. and U.K. policy
    Americans are still fighting a war , U.K. troops are trying to keep the peace.