Liberals nasty, Right-wingers nice!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. Source.

    I'm sure that Sven will have an opinion about this! :D
  2. Socialism and Communism are generally associated with revolution or at least radical change. I'd imagine they'll tend to attract people ill at ease with things the way they are - people who want to change society since they're unable to change themselves.

    The implicit conservatism of right-wing politics has a similar but opposite bias, attracting people who're more than happy with the status quo. Although there are plenty of radical examples of right wingers, you can hardly present the likes of Hitler or Mussolini as kindly and caring.
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    The day that Sven doesn't have an opinion on something the world will implode in a star-burst of incredulity :)
  4. True, but who says that the National Socialist German Workers Party was a right wing organisation?
  5. Communist Russia - Led by Stalin who was a bit of a dictator
    Nazi Germany - Led by Hitler who was a bit of a dictator

    mmm bit similar, I feel in fact most left/right wing communist/socialist countires seem to have been led by a single dictator, and his mates.

    Vote Monster Raving Looney Party
  6. He did. So did his mates. Maybe not the kind of source you want to credit, but still.

    Their economic policies were decidedly right wing, regardless of how they marketed their brand.
  7. I hope were are not starting down the idiot Yanks road where the right wing refuses to amit that the Nazi Party were right wing because they had the words socialist an workers in their title.

    I have come across that argument on several Yank sites and and they are determined to clain that Adolf was a leftie just like Stalin. I ha hoped that people over here would have more brains than to try and completly re-write history based on two words.
  8. The Nazis said they were anti-communist, however, I always regarded the Nazis and Communists as competitors rather than opponents. I.e. They both wanted the same thing, they just competed to be the ones who had it.

    Hitler may not have nationalised much, but he ran a command economy none the less. Also state spending rose to previously unheard of levels.

    Also note that he justified his anti-semitism by claiming that Jewish bankers were exploiting German workers.

    Most of what I could find about Nazi economics on the web was highly biased, one way or another. However, this link seem honest, if short.
  9. Kind of hard to avoid these things in a total war quest for world domination :wink:
  10. Probably the nationalists...
  11. Left and right politically doesn't influence economic policies. By that same logic, America in WW2 was a socialist state since the government directed the use of productive capacity. There were also a fair few South American dictatorships that ran command economies, Chile under Pinochet for one.

    If you've always thought of Nazism and Communism as two sides of the same political coin, I can feel a Captain Redbeard Rum moment coming on: "Opinion is divided on the matter".
  12. Consider the source, Dozy - is it trustworthy, shown to be honest in the past?

    Oh dear, fails on both counts.
  13. hitler was a nasty kunt and claimed to be right wing good enough for me.
    stalin claimed to be a commie lots of lefties these claim he was nothing of the sort. have a bit more of a point there was no workers control of anything etc etc but at the time most people we fooled or shot :roll:
    labeling Hitler as a lefite generally comes from the sort of person that adolf would go hang on mate thats a little extreme :roll:
    Often seen arguing that spams should have the right to own SAM's anti tank weapons, attack helicopters and nukes :roll:
    and Reagan was a commie loving liberal :D
  14. Surely this guy can't be referring to his own bosses? Stanford University is like a pod-colony for smug, greedy cnuts.
  15. Hitler and Mussolini were only right wing if you were a Bolshevik. Surely we can let 70-year-old communist slander die now and look more objectively at it. Hitler may have been anti-Communist, but he was also anticapitalist. This theme is repeated throughout Nazi literature.

    Communism and fascism were competing forms of socialism, the one being Marxist and the other corporatist. American progressives in the 1920s and 1930s didn't refer to it as "the Russo-Italian method" for nothing.

    Economically, there is almost no light to be found between FDR and Mussolini: both were nationalist, both were corporatist, and both cracked skulls occasionally (although one more than the other).

    And in essence, corporatism is government control of the economy with the co-operation of big business to achieve like ends. It is essentially government saying "you do it our way or we nationalise you". A modern-day example of this is the supermarkets and Gordon Brown conspiring to increase the price of alcohol.