Lib Dems - what's their problem with Jewish folk?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. So yet another Lib Dem has contributed a rant about "Jews" when he obviously meant to say "Israelis" or "Zionists". BBC News - David Ward MP 'sorry' over Israel criticism refers. The party seems to have lots of form for this sort of anti-Semitism, is hating Jews the new black for liberals or something?

    It may be relevant that he sits for a Bradford constituency and therefore calculated that this would go down well with large parts of his electorate, of course.
  2. The Jews are the cause of a great dilemma for liberals and their ilk. They seek to support all things anti- (add appropriate ism) but are forced to reconcile anti-semitic with anti-Islamophobia and Palestine. they would love to be able to back both sides of the coin but unfortunately for them - many causes are diametrically opposed to one another so it all boils down to whichever cause currently trumps the other in the minority stakes.
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  3. So is 'Jew' now an offensive word?
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  4. Note his words "within a few years". Israel was very Jewish back then. Yet more dripping and the usual hysterical Israeli PR overreaction.
  5. I do feel that every time anyone brings up Israels handling of the Palestinians, the Israelis cry foul and use the comparison between their previous treatment and their current behaviour as an example of how bad the world is too them. Whilst the Jews suffered terribly during the war, they most certainly are not making the live of the average Palestinian a bed of roses. I also feel that by treating the Palestinians in such a way, the only way the Palestinians feel they can respond is with terrorism. This in turn allows Israel to portray themselves as the hurt part to the world and to ensure American support.

    A simplistic view maybe, but It certainly looks that way from the outside!
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  6. They haven't liked Jews since Disraeli.

  7. I'm reading Chaim Herzogs "Living History" at the mo. Ex Israeli President and ex WW2 British Army Int Corps Major.

    It would appear that the Israelis have bent over backwards to appease the Pals / Arabs over the years, but most ideas to solve the problems have fallen on deaf ears due to the usual hysterical Islamania.

    Surrounded as they are by such an unpleasant bunch of goat sucking scumbags - who in the main hate Palestinians - I don't blame them taking a hard line.

    He makes some very interesting points about British post war "Arabist" foreign policy. Essentially post Lawrence of Arabia fantasy perpetuated by naive FO public schoolboys. Got us precisely nowhere really...

    Oh, forgot to add. Que the usual suspects to appear and pour down 5000 word posts on why its OK to hate the Joos.
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  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Israeli's are an unpleasant bunch of racist pricks who strongly deserve the ****ing that they will eventually get - and no one will lift a finger or shed a tear when it happens.
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  9. "Israeli's are an unpleasant bunch of racist pricks who strongly deserve the ****ing that they will eventually get - and no one will lift a finger or shed a tear when it happens."

    My times in Israel would not back you up, plenty of different creeds, colours and makes of human all going about their business in a way not seen in many Middle Eastern countries.
  10. A book I shall have to read. Without knowing all the facts, as I’m sure we never will, its very difficult to make a balanced judgement. Ignoring the usual ranting from extremists on both sides, its interesting to hear form those within Israel who feel that the policy which their country has followed has not worked. What does little in the Palestinian’s favour is the apparent inability of anyone from the Islamic/Arabic side to follow a structured and non hysterical approach. Islam does itself no favours when every perceived slight is followed by baying crowds who almost invariably kill some of their own people.

  11. Right. Firstly, I doubt they are any more racist than anyone else, and secondly the goatfcukers have tried to wipe them out half a dozen times and failed. I doubt they'll try again.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Colours, nail, mast. Check! I'm firmly behind them, well apart from those ones with the big fur hats and the ringlets like Shirley temple because their nuts!
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  13. It's well worth a read. He is as balanced as anyone in his position can be I think. It's interesting in that even moderate Arab leaders have been hampered by the Islamaniacs in reaching agreements with the Israelis. The car bomb / your whole family being murdered sees to that. Saying that, the Jordanians have done it quite successfully, even securing the Israelis flank when they were attacked by the Syrians in the 6 day war (if memory serves etc).

    Despite them being the poster boys for bleeding heart Liberals the world over, I find it odd that most of Israels neighbours detest the Palestinians. They use them to garner anti-Israel support but would happily wipe them out it seems.

    A fascinating part of the world, but they are all very much welcome to it, thanks.
  14. Unfortunately, those nutters are the people increasing driving the agenda in Israel.
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  15. "well apart from those ones with the big fur hats and the ringlets like Shirley temple because their nuts!" Most Israelis are non too keen on them either.
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