Lib Dems waste of Space

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sebcoe, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Cable: 'Force Firms To Justify Fat Cat Salaries'
    0 Comments8:14am UK, Monday September 19, 2011

    Firms should be forced to justify huge amounts of cash paid to top executives, Business Secretary Vince Cable will say.

    Mr Cable will tell Liberal Democrat party members it is time to stop "payouts for failure", and that a four-fold increase in FTSE100 chief executive pay since 1998 proves the system of remuneration has become "dysfunctional".

    He will use his keynote speech to the party conference to lay out plans to require companies to set out the criteria used to determine pay and bonuses.

    The MP will also propose measures such as letting workers have a say on who is paid what, by putting them on remuneration committees.

    In his speech, Mr Cable will hit out at "appalling inequalities of income and wealth".

    The MP will say there is "nothing wrong with generous rewards" for successful businessmen, but he will add: "People accept capitalism but they want responsible capitalism. I want to call time on payouts for failure."

    It is clear that the Lib Damps dont like successful people/companies, reading the above its more atune to the communist party, most people get wealthy through hard work, higher risk, and put the effort in, where as most poor would rather watch soaps than going to night school, sit and moan about the govt than going part time to college to improve their lives and not being a burden on the rest of us.
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    To be honest, speaking as a Liberal Democrat with Classical Liberal leanings, there are also a massive inequalities between those who use the brains they were born with and have a good work ethic in the workplace and/or business...and the 'others' (I didn't 'other' them, they 'othered' themselves!!!); socially Darwinian, me!!! Well maybe a little...
  3. Nehustan, you orange-booker, you.

    Been thinking for a long time that the LibDems should just rename themselves the SDP & stop all the false advertising, since it is clear where the philosiphical nexus of the party lies.

    Rumour also has it that the LibDem energy policy relies on putting rare-earth magnets on Gladstone to generate all the electricity the country needs by him doing 26,000,000 rpm at what the modern LibDems are like.
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  4. Not to worry they should be off to the dustbin of history come the next election having sold out on pretty much all of their policies for their five minutes of fame. The fact they've achieved what I thought was impossible, making me loath them more than Labour, good riddance to them.
  5. The Liberals can whine as much as they like, the Tories will hear none of this.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Or finding energy sources right under our nose, i.e. H20...don't ask Kew Branch, they'll say they don't know what I'm talking about and send their boaties/booties through like a train...inception!
  7. I couldnt agree more, its pandering to Joe normal whos life revolves around who's winning the X factor and not tackling real issues makes them the Big Joke!
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  8. the concept sounds good but the methadoligy proposed is gash,

    a long time ago there was a legal mechanism in place to stop top level fat cats gaining such outrageous handshakes when they fail dismally ot do there job, unfortunatly labour got rid of it and then procedeeded to not replace it.

    the sole problem here is that thease top level earners look around at the package the other guys in similar positions are getting, allow themsleves ot be head hunted and negotiate for a slightly better package, and so it goes on exponentially increasing the pay and benefits package each of them gets, in many cases totally out of whack wiht everyone else in the buisness and garanteed in cases where they fail to do there job.

    it was the removal of the old monoplies and mergers commission responsibilitys to vet senior exec packages and the failure to enact a similar remit on the competition commission that has brought about hte problem, a situation that could be easily rectified wiht a few lines added to the current quango's remit.

    the idea that all the 10>30k a year workforce should be able to vet salery proposals for there bosses who are on up to 100x larger salerys is indeed totally stupid unworkable and devoid of sane reasoning.

    if i was the guy on 10k a year i would vote to give the bloke his requested million a year salery, find out where he lived and get some mates in the pub to "relieve him of his undeserved gains" but i guess if you want a few thousand robin hoods to redistribute the wealth it would work quite well.

    tbh all the lib dem ideas should be submitted to a sanity check comission before release, some of there ideas are ok but sadley most of them are utter tripe.
  9. Given that MP's are employed by the voters, how would Comrade Cable feel about taxpayers having a say in his remuneration package?
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  10. They are perfectly able to decide for themselves how much they are worth. I wish I could get such a job where I didn't actually have to go to work and still got paid. Doing nothing also pays a good pension.
  11. Surely what he's talking about is solved by, urm, income tax?
  12. I personally like the way you had the tit Huhne, who should be in court as we speak, a couple of weeks ago claiming that the 50p would be dropped if it could be proven that it was economically pointless and that it wasn't an ideological decision and now the grand high tit has fastened himself to it regardless of whether or not its actually damaging the economy. Still why put the good of the country ahead of your slim chances of re-election.
  13. It's worrying that a Government minister appears to feel such contempt towards 'the rich'. It's even more worrying that the Business Secretary should be quoted as saying "people accept capitalism" as though it's a negative thing. Also:

    1) Private companies should be able to pay their executives whatever the **** they like. Except for the purposes of tax collection, it's absolutely none of the government's business.
    2) The idea that somebody who has built a successful business should have to ask his employees what he should be paid (or what he should pay his executives) is ridiculous.

    At best, it's an attempt to get the LD's commie followers back on board, at the expense of doing his job properly. At worst, he actually believes the shite he's spouting. Either way, he wants sacking. Especially at a time like this, we need a Business Secretary who at the very least believes that businesses should exist.
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  14. If they punish people for generating wealth then eventuallly people will learn there is no point to do so. I think the man needs help. They tax the rich so heavily they leave the country and invest in other countries - i'd do the same.
  15. Same thing happened in the 70s didn't it? Another reason why kids need to be beaten with history books at school.
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