Lib Dems - remember them?

This was pointed out to her, and IIRC, there was much tutting, reference to people not having empathy, etc.

She managed to increase her majority, but this was on a lower turnout in a constituency where you can still see posters up in people's windows saying something like 'Labour voter, supporting Lib Dem this time: Keep the Tories Out' (the Labour vote went down), while students who live out of college were still in residence and where Tory Remain voters appear to have either switched or simply stayed at home.
Good grief.
On related matters, the more I see of ‘Sir’ Ed Davey, the more I dislike him. He was on the TV on Wednesday, after PMQs, where he was introduced as the Party ‘co-leader’. They have two of them? Who’s the other one?
Apparently the LIb Dems ‘launched’ a Coronavirus action plan this week, as the Government was failing to deliver.:grin:
Can someone in the media please tell Davey that him and his so-called Party are a total irrelevance!
That party is neither Liberal, nor Democratic. Imagine the utter disaster we'd be seeing now if we had a Corbyn/Swinson coalition that had reversed Brexit, opened the immigration floodgates further and maxed out the credit cards.

We'd be set for complete social and economic breakdown, especially post-COVID with no functioning state to set things right. All whilst our masters in the EU tightened the shackles so we couldn't escape from their sinking ship and sucked what little money remaining we had out.

Just take a moment to enjoy how important the 2019 election result was.

And top that off by remembering that Swinson was given her P45 by the electorate, every single splitter lost their seat, and Magic Grandpa is no longer in charge across the divide.

I hope Swinson reads this, the utter, utter cúnt. Enjoy obscurity, you perfidious shit bag.

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