lib/dems national service plans

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by growler, Sep 20, 2004.

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  1. Quote fm Mark Oaten (Lib Dem) on plans to restore national service "Every cab driver i have met liked it so it must be controversial"
  2. When we had conscription in the fifties there were 350,000 regulars to train and lead them.

    National service is not remotely possible with the regular army at its present strength - or do the lib dems plan to do something about that too?

    PTP - any ideas?
  3. link is bbc's news magazine site quote of the day
  4. I'll go back in and train the shites.
  5. does anyone really consider - apart fm the lib dems that is - that there is any way that it could work
  6. It might work if there were enough people to train them, and that means shed loads of high quality JNCOs and SNCOs. We will also need plenty of accommodation to house them, more real estate on which to train them, plus their clothing and equipment, and vehicles to transport them.

    To my mind this will take about six years of unrestricted spending to put in place. The NCOs will have to come from our existing manpower, which means we will have to boost retention massively, and that means paying our NCOs a decent wage.

    Also, who are the intended concriptees? If it is to be all our youth (or just those elect not to go on to higher education) what will we do with all the women? Infantry is not an option for them so are the corps going to become predominantly female???
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    National Service does not have to mean universal military service, there are trees to hug for the Forestry Commision (Soon to be Arboreal Rights Agency) plus nurses are too posh to wipe ar5es these days so two years of geriatric butt wiping would do them some good.

    I say bring it on, make the little beasts learn that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand.
  8. but, as said in a previous thread, what possible action could you take if the little scallies, when conscripted for whatever, told you to get stuffed
  9. No more pennies from the State - Ever? :twisted:
  10. gently remove their burberry baseball cap and shoot them in the head.
  11. Sandy ,there is more on this coming ,can't say much at the moment , wait out :D
    The Right of the Party has definitely become more dominant.

    About damn time too :D
  12. Ahh yellow.................. such an apt colour.

    Come on Charles, lets have some more whiskey fulled popuralist cr*p.

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  13. BHB ,

    Orange is the new Yellow, (Or should that be Blue?)

    And there is more to come :D
  14. why doesn't that link open? Grrrh