Lib Dems just shoot themselves in the foot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. So just cause your Nan's house might be worth over £1 million that automaticaly means that she can afford to pay the sweet old Lib Dem darlings £2500 every year...?

    Good Old Vince, the armchair pundits favourite. Fcuking Cnut...

    Lib Dem plan for £1m-property tax

    he Lib Dems are to outline plans for a tax on owners of £1m-plus homes, using the proceeds to help low-paid workers.

    Treasury spokesman Vince Cable will announce plans for a 0.5% annual levy on the most expensive homes, raising £1bn, at the party conference later.

    He told the BBC it would help fund plans to get four million people who earn less than £10,000 out of taxation.

    Mr Cable is expected to warn of "unpopular" choices on tax and spending and to brand the Tories as "dishonest".

    The new charge of 0.5% would apply to the value of a property above £1m. So if a home was worth £1.5m the 0.5% tax would apply to £500,000 of it, meaning the owner will have to pay £2,500 a year. The extra tax on a £4m property would be £15,000 a year. Beeb
  2. Jesus wept. They should really just rename themselves the Social Democratic Party and get it over with.

    Any ounce of the original Liberal party has finally been utterly purged after the merger with the SDP back in the 80s.

    No wonder they recently lost a councillor to the Libertarians!
  3. As i don't own a £1 Million pound house, i couldn't give a shit... bring it on.

    ETA: I thought the LD's are also keen on abolishing council tax for the elderly... so i'm guessing your nan's £1M house might be spared. Or she could downsize... unless you're still living at home at 50.
  4. So you're all right Jack... soak the "rich" and all that...

    I bet you that there is a not insignificant number of old, retired people in London and the south-east who bought what were then hardly mansions back in the 50s (even relatively small apartments in Central London) that are now worth over this threshold.
  5. Read my edit... will this apply to the elderly? Or we shooting from the hip today?
  6. Got news for the Illiberal Demoprats - The time when owning a £1 Million house meant you were 'rich' has long passed. An ex council 3 bed semi in the better parts of London will run you nearly that much.

    The Demoprats should stick to what they are best at, gay rentboy scandals and scat sex.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    To be fair, the Lib Dems could have a policy of free blow jobs from Britney Spears for all over 18 males and it would have as much chance as this of becoming law.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    A very astute summary of the value of the Lib Dems. But so true. :D



    LIBERAL Democrat leader Nick Clegg will rally his party this week by outlining a series of things that are never, ever going to happen.

    Mr Clegg will tell the party conference that he is no longer pissing the bed In his keynote speech to the party's annual conference Clegg will claim the Lib Dems will hold the balance of power after the next election, despite a stunningly comprehensive lack of evidence.

    Julian Cook, professor of politics at Reading University, said: "We've reached that point in the year where you may see headlines such as 'Lib Dems to tax homes worth more than £1m' as if that's a thing that could happen, instead of what it actually is which is just some noises coming out of a hole at the front of Vince Cable's head.

    "You may also see stories about Mr Clegg rejecting an alliance with David Cameron, because obviously when the Tories win the next election with a majority of at least 60 seats the very first thing Cameron is going to do is offer Nick Clegg the Foreign Office."

    He added: "Over the weekend you may even have noticed Mr Clegg abandoning his pledge to abolish student tuition fees and thought, 'oh dear, poor old students' before quickly correcting yourself and thinking 'oh, hang on, that doesn't make the slightest difference to anyone or anything. At all'.

    "In fact he may as well have said that he is abandoning his pledge to make your balls the size of pomegranates or cover China in a gigantic, Paisley-patterned table cloth."

    Professor Cook added: "The Liberal Democrats are actually very sweet. It's a bit like watching a child put on a pair of daddy's shoes, pick up his briefcase and clomp up and down the hallway pretending to be a 'businessyman'.

    "Then, of course, everyone has to sit down and discuss 'plolicies' while eating invisible cake and drinking a small, plastic pot of imaginary tea."
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator


  12. As opposed to the Tory plan - which is erm....what precisely?

    I have no argument with the idea that the Lib Dems wont get a look in, and Labour are (thank God) a busted flush leaving Call Me Dave.

    Meaning we get 15 years or so of hmmmm soaking the poor from their last outing( or at least doing their best to forget about them while their mates in the red braces paid themselves telephone numbers). And sorry to sound unsympathetic but if you live in a £1.5 Million house you can afford the extra £2500 this idea would cost.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Not necessarily: houses don't generate income by themselves. My mother's semi in Chiswick eventually sold for more than a million after she died but her income came from a relatively small widow's pension (my father was a university lecturer, i.e. not well paid) and from letting the attic out to a tenant. £2500 would have taken a big chunk out of her annual income which she would not have been able to afford.

    This would be, in effect, a tax on people in London and the South-East who, by and large, don't vote Liberal Democrat (just as the extension of the London congestion charge was Ken Livingstone's tax on Londoners who don't vote Labour). Very fair.
  14. and if you can't, I guess you can just sell the house to someone who can? :? :x

    Don't be surprised if call me Dave doesn't raise personal allowances taking many poor people out of taxation altogether.
  15. And what is wrong with that when the country has essentially been run for the benefit of those in London and the South-East for the last 30 years.
    Who knows, it may lead to business spreading out into the rest of the UK, reducing the burden on the over-populated S.E.