Lib Dems Demand Vote on EU Membership

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. From the BBC (opposite the photo of EU flags being waved)

    Time to put Your money where Your mouths are, boys and girls. You now have a party that not only was against the Iraq War but is willing to give You a voice in continuing in Our membership.
  2. OK I'll sign up with the proviso that as soon as we get out you lot do as well. :twisted: And if we gave the wrong answer would we be balloted to death until we got the message that we are staying in?

    Can you imagine being ruled by Ming the Merciless ?- feck me we'd be the laughing stock of the civilised world.

    "The division between rich and poor has become too great and it's time for it to be redressed." Not starting the politics of greed are we?
  3. The same party that would grant an amnesty to the millions of illegals in the UK?

    Its smoke and mirrors Sven, they think that people will not vote against continued membership of the EU and by tying this into the EU constitution issue they are being disingenious.

    They would fiddle the result of the referendum anyway, just like it was fiddled back in 75.
  4. Actually the number of people I have talked to believe that we will lose that referendum, just as we would lose a referendum on the last constitution. BUT it is time to have the question put to the populace again.

    Rickshaw major - not the policies of greed but redressing the greed of the well off.
  5. Sven..and if you could get them to pursue a policy of trade and diplomacy based around the Commonwealth as the EU alternative, I'd probably vote for them.

    I think The CAD has a point in them tying the issues of EU membership and the new constitution/treaty/whatever together in a referendum they are calling the public's bluff. Fair enough but if they want to play with fire don't be surprised when it burns.

    A more sensible approach might be a referendum on whether we should have further integration or hold fast as we are. I don't think most people want out of Europe, they just wish to remain British as well.
  6. Jesus Sven, we agree on something, it is time for the people to decide! I didn't realise you were such a democrat!

  7. Deduction not Your strong point Cad? The clues in my parties name, Liberal . . . . . . .

  8. and which party fiddled that by chance since labour called it and the conservatives supported it.

    here have a look att eh on this day i know its from the home of the pinko BBC but even they can only show the record of the day they cant change it.

    fiddled by maggie? perhaps :roll:

    edited for broken link
  9. Also a party that will increase your taxes. Also a party that believes Inheritance tax is a good thing. Also a party that believes in proportional representation

    I dont think so
  10. Just another gimmick,I'm surprised Dave hasn't pitched this one already.