Lib Dembender

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. He was their Home 'Affairs' spokesman.

  2. Having watched the saga of Charlie Kennedy's knife I thought they all were.
  3. But then again, apart from being a bastard to ones wife and family, does it really matter.
  4. Homo affairs more like ...
  5. So to be a member of the Lib Dems, you need to be (based on past leaders etc) a homosexual, drunk womaniser.

    Which MOD is it thats a Lib Dem's on the tip of my tounge...
  6. Well actually yes. Until 3 days ago, this fella was standing to be the leader of a party that sacked their leader for cocealed personal problems. It transpires that this MP (your MP if you are serving in Winchester) has been getting it up the whoopsy and paying for it, this in a week when the issue of prostitution has been prominent. So, is it newsworthy ? Yes. Is it salacious and likely to sell papers? Yes. So that is why it is now properly in the public domain. (For the first reason - not the second)
  7. Bring back Paddy Ashdown

    On second thoughts - Just bring back hanging.
  8. Yeah...but does anybody really think that Gordon Brown got married because Sarah and him felt it was the right time, or was it to get away from the stigma of being a 'confirmed bachelor'. And now that Ted Heath is dead, surely they should come out (pardon the pun) and admit he was gay. It's the 21st century for goodness sake, I couldn't give a monkey's chuff whether they like women, men or monkeys, I just want them to drop the sleaze, forget pathetic, petty, party politics and actually try to make the country a better place. But they ultimately want to make money at the expense of everyone else. Vile creatures.

    But Oaten actually looks like a sleazy piece of crap doesn't he? Like Peter Mandelson, Neil Hamilton, Jeffrey Archer, Alan Clarke, Jonathan Aitken (sorry...that's mostly tories I know)...they just look dishonest. Who votes for these scumbags?
  9. It's not the fact that he's a hermer. It's the fact that he did something newsworthy and well, illegal, and covered it up. MP's should have the highest moral standards, but we all know that they are the worst members of society, Orange and a bin liner anyone? The thing that irritates me so much is that sh*theads like the NOTW hold themselves as the guardians of moral standards in this country when they are in the grubbiest sleaziest profession in this country - actually the only people worse than politico's
  10. Or Jeremy Thorpe even! Now there was a lad!!! :wink:
  11. Ted Heath was gay? 8O 8O
  12. Prodding another bloke is illegal? Newsworthy yes, illegal no. Unfortunately.

    *Returns to modelling the matchstick gibbet....*
  13. Another 'moment of madnes of Clapham Common' hah thats hilarious thank god the Lib Dems will never get into power.
  14. I think you'll find that procuring sex for money is illegal, whether it is pink, or brown love.