Lib Dem Wives: 101 Ways to spot hubby is a botty boy

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Country_Bumpkin, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. With the recent news that both Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes have history for 'downing the brown', let's come up with a list of tell tale signs that every Lib Dem lady should be on the look out for.

    I'll start:

    1. You notice your husband has skid marks on the front of his shreddies instead of the rear......
  2. 2. He's a Liberal Democrat

    3. He has a naked poster of Jeremy Thorpe on his study wall...

    4. Asks if he can rename family dog "Rinka"...
  3. 1.Not spending alot of time having a number 2 (slack arrse).
    2.Drinks Babysham.
    3.Plays Badminton.
    4.Thinks Clare Short is fit.
    5.From south of Birmingham.
    6.An ex mariner.
    7.Loves pink clothing.
    8.Has a second home in Old Compton Street or Soho Square.
    9.When in forces he was addressed as 'SIR'.
  4. I think space cadet has a little chip on his shoulder. You can tell by the picture of the militant mp as his avatar.
  5. Tilly i would come back with a witty coment, but i am not intelligent enough!. :?
  6. SC- does your 'addressed as Sir' comment extend to Warrant Officers? I hope not.
  7. Sorry Tilly for not making it more clear, i did just mean those with sherbet pips on there shoulders and not the pure evil that is warrant officers :lol: .