Lib Dem Shadow Defence Spokesman named MIN AF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barely_Black, May 14, 2010.

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  1. This is going to be interesting....

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Defence team is shaping up rather nicely:

    Sec of State for Defence: Dr Liam Fox. Tory
    Long-time Defence Shadow, and was a Civvy MO, so knows at least a reasonable amount about defence.

    Armed Forces Minister: Nick Harvey. LibDem
    No experience of Service life whatsoever, previous PR/Comms guru of some sort.

    Min IDS (Int'l Def & Sy): Looks like Gerald Howarth, Tory.
    Very experienced MP, ex-RAFVR, Pilot, great fan of Maggie :)

    US of S (Min Vet): looks like Andrew Robotham MP, Tory.
    Ex- Coldstream Gds and them.....

    Min DES (The Eqpt one): TBA
    There's probably going to be a Lord in this post, but who? Dannatt, ennobled? Guthrie? An ex-MP made-up for the job? Interesting......
  3. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    done here

    These are some quotes from Nick

    This report shows the shambolic state of the UK’s defence equipment programme

    It is exasperating to learn how pervasive the culture of denial and deception among MoD officials is when it comes to acknowledging the £21 billion funding gap in defence procurement

    Labour’s slow response to a clear shortage of helicopters in Afghanistan has been shameful

    The sad fact is that a lack of helicopters and armoured vehicles suitable for Afghanistan has persistently left our troops ill-equipped for their mission. Meanwhile, the Government has continued to fritter away vast amounts of money on Cold War projects like Eurofighter and Trident

    This is yet another example of the Government making empty promises to our Armed Forces. The brave men and women who have risked life and limb in service of our country deserve better

    Mine detection equipment is clearly a vital capability in Afghanistan. With IEDs now the biggest single threat our troops are facing, any failure to provide them with enough metal detectors is simply unforgivable

    Our brave service men and women have suffered enough as a result of this Government’s disastrous record on military procurement.

    The Government has presided over a decade of overstretch and spiralling costs without being straight with the public about the consequences

    If the Government is not prepared to resource our commanders properly, it should not be putting troops on the front line

    The military campaign cannot succeed without a political and civilian surge to win over moderate elements within the Taliban and regain the confidence of ordinary Afghans

    It is painfully obvious that when our frontline troops are desperately short of helicopters and airlift, we should not be pushing ahead with the costly, Cold War irrelevances of Trident and Eurofighter

    These aircraft are unnecessary Cold War relics. The Government has put Britain in a position where we are being forced to throw money at this massively expensive project while our troops on the front line are crying out for the helicopters and armoured vehicles they desperately need

    While there is a need for modernisation of our reserve forces, any cut in numbers could be like a slap in the face considering the massive contribution they have made

    This report is a damning indictment of the lack of leadership at the MoD. It is incredible that only 1 in 5 of MoD staff feel the department is well managed

    It is a dereliction of the duty of care owed to our service personnel and their families that they should have to face a battle over good standard accommodation on the home front

    It beggars belief that the MoD can blow so much on poor project management while our troops are risking their lives because of a lack of armoured vehicles and helicopters

    This report shows that the MoD is riddled with incompetence

    Unfortunately, the military price tag will not in itself bring success in Afghanistan. We need to see all NATO allies pulling their weight, alongside greater involvement of regional partners, including Iran, to create a stable Afghanistan

    The MoD’s Defence Planning Assumptions have been operating in a parallel universe for many years now

    When the Government’s terrible record on major IT projects is brought together with the MoD’s catalogue of failure on procurement, it is no surprise that we see this perfect storm of incompetence

    On this occasion, the lions in Afghanistan have been failed by the donkeys in Whitehall

    While the British nuclear fleet has a good safety record, if there were ever to be a bang it would be a mighty big one

    We must be sure that an economic downturn does no
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Er...apart from his visit to HERRICK in 2008...?
  5. GWAR!!!!!!
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    GWAR ? NAH - slaphead, same as :cry:'s a picture of another Liberal MP* - just for those who think they're all tofu-munching,beardyweirdy,socks-with-sandals,tree-huggers:

    *1904 - 1922
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Err... I would not say that a visit (or two) to HERRICK was 'experience of Service life', and neither would many others! On those grounds, Tony Blair is an old sweat, having visited more wars than I have (many of which he helped start :) ).
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Er...neither would I..( having declined the opportu8nity to go and get my picture with Phoney Tony when he pitched up in Eye-rack during my sunshine break)...but I would say that it was a reasonable indication that he had, at least, taken the trouble to get his arrse in gear to find out from those on the ground what the realities were....and therefore knows more about Service life than the average champagne socialist Islington all. He's a poli...not by their words, but by their deeds shall ye know them.....Watch & shoot....
  9. Why the fück am I an option? Is this that fantasy-arrse-government thing again?

    That picture has him talking to guys who were on the ground but seeing as they are from B Coy, 5 SCOTS (The Angry and Suffering Highlanders) it is questionable whether he understood any of the answers...
  10. And if I remember my history WSC's 2i/c in 6 RSF was Sir Archibald Sinclair - later leader of the Liberal party and, as Secretary of State for Air in Churchill's wartime coalition, the last Liberal to hold a cabinet post (until now).

  11. Nick Harvey has also met and spoken to ARRSErs on several issues.
  12. From what I have heard he is a good guy, but who was responsible for the LibDem Defense manifesto policy?

    I assume Harvey had a say....?
  13. Got to be better than his predecessor, an (allegedly) bullying, vile control freak with foul temper who was the most reviled Defence minister in the previous administration and held in utter contempt by many who had the misfortune to deal with him. Delighted to see that he lost his seat at the last election.
  14. How many more times? The UK CAN NOT get out of the Eurofighter contract without spending more money on the cancellation that it would spend on buying the bloody things! And irrelevance? Let's see how well you do calling for CAS when all the Harrier and Tornado airframes are life expired.... :frustrated:
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    As an ex MoD Contracts officer I'm always intrigued when I hear people say this ...... and it usually turns out that they are either BAe personnel, former senior RAF officers who were closely involved in protecting the golden goose or have some other close interest in EFA.

    The Typhoon deal was, as you'll imagine w-a-a-a-a-y above my paygrade - but the principles remain pretty much the same.

    Firstly, every MoD ctt I ever saw - and every commercial ctt I was ever asked to review, had a Break Clause.

    In MoD's own contracts this was called SC56. On a large value ctt it might be a year's notice in writing - but it was always there.

    Secondly, given that Typhoon is a multinational contract, I would be interested to know WHOSE law is applicable ........from dim and distant memory I remember earnest instructors emphasising to me that
    ' penalties are inadmissable in English law '

    Lastly, people over here need to appreciate that what is in British Aerospace's interest - ain't necessarily in the UK national interest. The company is now > 50% owned in the U.S.

    If ever there was a deal that needed a fresh pair of eyes, it is this one.....and if MoD's lawyers are shrugging their shoulders and telling HMG that there is nothing to be done - SHOOT THEM and get some new lawyers who are less supine.

    To paraphrase Nelson ' there is nothing more chancey than a sea-fight - unless it be a legal judgement'