Lib Dem MP on News 24

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbarasson, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. A female LibDem MP (can't remember the name but I'm sure she was one who defected from the Tories) just described servicemen thus

    'anyone whose job it is to go and fight is going to be pretty naive about the media'

    Is it just me, or is she calling soldiers, or in this case sailors, thick?
  2. It's just You.

    I think that what She was trying to get over is that Your average serviceman is not wise to the myriad of manipulating ways the media has. Politicians have to put up with their vagaries all the time
  3. Could be seen that way.

    Stupid if that is what she saying though, as I'm pretty sure that people joining newly now will be pretty aware of the damage bad press can do. They'll have seen so much of it.
  4. Anyone who's job it is to be a lib dem mp is a idealistic patronising socialist twat.
  5. My, You do know Your politics don't You :roll:

    Vince Cable a socialist :omfg:
  6. What she should have said is "Anyone who votes Lib dem has got to be very naive about reality"
  7. My My Sven, we are awfully defensive about the Lib Dems aren't you?

    Come on be honest. The closest the Lib Dems have ever got to government was the coalition of 1940 - 1945. And even then it was mostly Liberal Nationalists. Before 1915 people actually cared about the Liberals, but since then they've never managed to attract any real attention.

    Guess thats good with this prattish comment from an MP.
  8. Link ?
  9. oldbaldy

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  10. Now there's a surprise Sven, you jumping in to defend the political tripe that is spouted by the Lib Dems/Labour/Tree Huggers.......

    How on Earth can she call Servicemen naive when she's just come out with that coment. Does she not expect that it will be manipulated?
  12. Lib Dems are a total irrelevance. Move on, nothing to see.
  13. You are a naughty little bravo - You left out half a sentence. she called servicemen "naive about the media".

    Do You think she didn't know that obfuscating toerags were going to twist her words
  14. I have never trusted the media, and as for the daily shi'ite papers the red tops, well they are so good at making things up to suit their thicko readers.
  15. elovabloke

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