Lib Dem Meltdown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slipperman, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Having stayed up all night in the hope of seeing a complete Labour wipeout, what has been clear is the utter failure of the Lib Dems to make an impact. If anything, they are likely to lose seats from their current standing in Parliament - what a disaster. :)
    On the plus side, it all adds up to a very remote possibility of them climbing into bed with New Labour - chuffed to NAAFI breaks about that.

    Hopefully, it won't be the last we see of the fragrant Miriam.
    Nick? Who cares.
  2. Whet will be along soon to tell us what a marvellous victory it was for both Limp Dems and Labour.
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Cue more PR/electoral reform B/S.
  4. Did anyone else notice how the LimpDem campaign went rapidly downhill as soon as Whet/Sven announced he was standing for election?
  5. As it stands Labour and the LidDems don't have sufficient numbers for a majority coalition
    Gonna be an interesting day!
    LibDems are going to end up with ,ore power than they have a mandate for
  6. Well distributing a few links to his great words here and they saw what Lib Dems are really about......
  7. Still 70 seats to declare, and mostly rural. Pickles believes they will go well beyond the 300 seat figure and possibly further than 310. Lets hope.

    But overall a bad night for Labour and Lib Dems, but where are UKIP? Well chuffed that BNP didnt get anywhere.
  8. I am so pleased the "great British Public" was not wooed by Mr X-Factor Clegg following his first showing in the leaders debates.
    Common sense prevailed thankfully; and what made it even more sweet was watching Paddy Pants-down waffling away on Sky this morning, accusing the Tories of using the Unionists to prop up their vote. What an utter cnut.
  9. You never know, he might have won his election to be councillor and has a job from today.

    News Flash: Hell has just frozen over.
  10. Given Clegg's stance on the EU, proportional representation and (more importantly) the single European currency, I'm wondering how much the last 48 hours in Athens has influenced floating (potential Liberal) voters? Probably not very much seeing the total **** re-boring they've had in the polls. Maybe I'm reading too much in to it?
  11. Very astute, Buck.
    I reckon a lot of floating voters clocked what was going down in Athens and thought better of voting for a Lib Dem influenced Parliament leading to the introduction of PR. Simplistic, but probably near the mark
  12. Bloody Greeks have got a lot to answer for... with their unkillable one-eyed monsters!

  13. How does Lib Dems holding the controlling vote equate to failure?
  14. If Whet melted down, it would create a bigger slick than that one off the coast of the US.
  15. Its looking like they have not gained any seats and if they are really unlucky all the other parties (not Con/Lab) might hold the controlling vote not them.