Lib Dem manifesto change

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trans-sane, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Just seen on BBC Breakfast news. Could this be the first step in an attempt unseat Labour as one of the top two parties? Producing more realistic spending plans rather than the pie-in-the-sky throw money at everything type plans?
  2. The last thing the Libdems want to do is un-seat the Labour Party.

    Their primary target is and always has been the Tory Party. One whiff of power and a vague promise of proportional representation and they will prop up a labour government for as long as it takes (as long as it takes for them to realise that Gordo cannot be trusted and long enough for the electorate to see what the Libs are doing!)
  3. "…a citizens' pension based on residency rather than National Insurance contributions…"

    In other words, wash up in the UK and automatically qualify for a State Pension. The only reason the Limp-Dems are dropping that is because it's now a guaranteed vote loser.
  4. TBH, Im not sure how any opposition party can make spending guarantee's until they get sight of the books that the current fiscal genius leaves behined
  5. Looks like the Lib Dems are facing up to reality - I rate Vince Cable above Osbourne and Darling... Nick Clegg seems as equally bad as Brown and Cameron. So why not vote Lib Dem?
  6. Think the Liberal Democrats have always had realistic election plans. To put it bluntly thats why no one wants to vote for them. They were the only party who wanted to put up income tax, which would have been a much fairer system than the stealth taxes we eventually paid and are still paying.
    Most of their shadow cabinet talk sense. But in a system which doesn't allow a third party to gain any kind of foothold on the voting ladder whats the point.
  7. Here's hoping for a hung parliament- and if the torys continue to slide, I honestly think it could happen. Cameron had his honeymoon period at the wrong time; sure it fitted with everyone hating brown, but come the election and people are beginning to realise that he is just as big a jerk as brown.
  8. I don't trust Lib Dem to run the country. However, I'd like to see a Conservative government with a strong Lib Dem opposition. I think the grounded experience of the Conservatives, kept on their toes by the starry-eyed idealism of the Lib Dems might actually get us somewhere.
  9. In swingeing changes to previous policy manifestos, The Lib-Dems have now assured the electorate that they will, if elected, move from having chocolate Hobnobs to Custard Creams with their elevenses.
  10. They are a radical and reforming party - they will have ten-thirties
  11. Can I ask why DeltaDog? The Lib Dems run a lot of local councils and to be honest make as good a job as the Cons and Lab. Obviously the shadow cabinet have no experience of government but if you look at the Conservatives' shadow cabinet are there many who have served in any previous government? So if you agree with the Lib Dems policies why not give them a chance to prove their worth, it seems to me the longer the Cons are kept out of government the more viable the Liberal Democrats become.
  12. I don't think that it matter what badge is on the front of the car. The engine is still the same.

    By that I mean that whatever political party gets into office, there are still the permanent secretaries and the whole of the civil service that run the country still in place irrespective of who's in number 10.

    That said, I'll still be there on May 6th with my magic marker to make my point. :)
  13. Yep sure is democracy at work....anybody whose seen "Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister" or works in Whitehall knows that but these youngsters are still so gullible. :)
  14. I love irony (shame that it's wasted on the stupid) :D

    It's also a shame that the majority of people on here at the moment are talking about their PFT times or dates for the start of their training. We could have had a lively topical debate about which bunch of untrustworthy robbing cnuts will be at the helm of our fine nation by the summer. :D
  15. I'm doing my best! :roll: