Lib Dem Draft Dodger

One of Charles Kennedy's aides has declined to be mobilised on the grounds that as a councillor for Harrow he cannot be spared.

Given that I think numerous MPs in the last war served in the Forces & they are more "important" than mere councillors.  I also understand that there is at least one member of the House of Lords who has been mobilised - a former Opposition Front Bench Spokesman for Defence.

I have passed this on to someone who can have a word in his ear, to get the real reason. It's a pathetic excuse. Most councillors have shadows, and bloody good case officers. If anything he might have got dispensation for a mobile/comms. Any idea what his branch is?
I wonder what Paddy Pantsdown would say about that?
He would probably take him round the back with a series 3 starting handle...!!!
Paddy would frown

I don't think CK would be too chuffed either. The Party line is anti-war not anti-troops, and certainly, it would have given LibDems a lot of ammunition to shoot back at Bluppet regarding provision for troops etc, especially in this guy's role specialisation

I hope this individual reconsiders.

G3 , is there a link to this somewhere? Me local LibDemmer wants to see it :)

addendum -Link seen -,,2-2003101882,00.html

Mind you, that other story is downright f-ing scary


why did he join up ? TA is a reserve force liable for call up , although im not in the TA if was called up i would do it while at the same time not without a little natural fear of death im a realist :-/ not gung ho  :mad:

whereas the counciller is a yellow wanka ! :p :mad: