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Lib Dem Armed Forces Report

Looks like the Lib Dem's report on the Armed Forces is a wafer thin sep in the right direction, have a look in the Times

I don't see any extra money on the table, but I do see lots of usefull bricks to throw.

Interesting side bar. The first Labour Government elected post war were elected because thousands of serving personnel wanted change. A large chunk of those voters kept voting Labout until they died. So why does the current Labour party loath the bedrock of it's own political successes ?
As has been mentioned before.The Lib Dems have no chance of ever gaining power.So they can say what they like.
It is a nice idea,but that is all it will ever be.
Re: last paragraph in the article
Meanwhile, lawyers acting for the unofficial British Armed Forces Federation have written to every MP seeking support for the establishment of a Services trade union. Edward Cooper, head of employment at Russell Jones & Walker, which acts for the federation, said: “Unlike the police service, our Armed Forces are prohibited from joining a union or having any alternative representative body to make representations about pay and conditions.”
nice one BAFF :)

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