Liarbours answer to the recession.....print more money!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Tough times ahead, especially with the Pound at parity with the Euro.

    Times article.

    Good idea Gordon. let's print loads of money, then everyone can be millionaires.

    Zimbabwe(United Kingdom), once one of the richest countries in Africa(Europe), has descended into economic chaos largely blamed on the policies of President Robert Mugabe(Chancellor/Prime Minister, Gordon Brown).
  3. I've been printing my own for ages, works a treat!
  4. The Bank of England have denied that they intend doing so but it remains an option which could be considered.

    That means you've got about 10 days to get your money out of sterling and into something stable. Just as well the country still has plenty of gold eh?? Oh no - Gordon sold it all didn't he! Invest in paper now.
  5. ..... awesome! when does the new 300 pound note come out? surely not long before the 1000 pound note?
  6. All following a depressingly familiar pattern - whilst I realise that the dynamic duo are back in Downing Street controlling the flow of news, surely someone in the media is savvy enough to see through the spin? There is no way that you can have low interest rates and an increased money supply. The pound will sink so low that in a few months time, we'll look back on pound/Euro parity as the happy time. If only someone in whats laughingly called the government had ever had a proper job, they might have some clue as to get us out of this mess.
  7. Darling just denied it on the 1 o Clock News
  8. Oh good - feel so much safer now.
  9. 'Darling just denied it on the 1 o Clock News' - Funny, Gordon's in Liverpool, Alastair isn't allowed to make announcements without a responsible adult being present, so who's got his hand up his back now?
  10. We're fcuked.
  11. Oh - just remembered is that the same Darling who said in August that UK economy faced a slight slowdown in next year.

    And fully supported abolition of 10p tax rate abolition

    And thought 2.5% cut in VAT was all economy needed to boost Xmas sales

    And was considered a bit of a lunatic left winger by Niel Kinnock

    And as a councillor refused to set a legal budget

    Perhaps I won't trade in those US dollars quite yet
  12. Darling can deny plans to print money without denyiny plans to carry out 'quantitative easing' (economist-speak for policies with the same broad effects as printing money).

    I'm prepared to accept that there is a deflationary danger. I'm prepared to accept that the US has already started carrying out QE.

    But I'm not prepared to accept that these clowns are capable of carrying out QE themselves without getting it wrong. Let's face it, they've not been blessed with a golden touch, have they?

    The FT's take, here:

  13. On a related topic, I'm hoping (somewhat forlornly) that this sort of reasoning doesn't reflect current government thinking.
  14. *note to self - trip to B&Q for wheelbarrow*
  15. Buy gold and guns...