Liarbore: I cant believe what Ive just read.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiddly, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. One labour MP has asked gordon brown to step down. Fair enough, the homo sapiens in the liarbore party have recognised that he's going to destroy their party for good.

    What I don't get is this - I didn't know what to make of it - surely no one has ever done a sarcastic press release before?

    From sky news:

    "But a member of the Prime Minister's inner circle told Sky News: "Talk of a plot is garbage. It's navel gazing. Getting rid of Gordon would mean an early election and no-one wants that."

    What the feckety fecking feck is this person on? There's out of touch and then there's taking the pish and then there's living in another galaxy, and this person, is one of the ones with antennae and fifteen legs. I would call it "total sh*te" but such a description seems woefully inadequate for this... statement. The words to describe it escape me, they really do.
  2. Seeing that the MP in question, Gordon Prentice, has a marginal constiuency he is probably more concerned with covering his own arsch than the good of the Country.
    Read the article and think "WHY is he saying this." before spitting the dummy.
    Sounds a bit like the Tories when they were trying to grow a set of balls to get rid of Maggie.
  3. When he says nobody wants a early election he is obviously referring to politicians.

    Labour ones because they'll probably loose their seats.

    Tory because they want labour to take the blame for the ongoing economic collapse.

    Since when did a politician give a though of what the general public want.
  4. There was talk of Labour doing a suicide election, for the incoming government is going to have to slash spending and raise taxes to pull UK out of the economic mess it is in.
    A Tory win would probably mean that they would become unelectable in the future.
    There is no Man of Stature in the Tory party.
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Nobody actually wants to be leader of Liarblair before the next election as they know they will lose it and the losing leader always gets his head cut off.

    As soon as they lose the wolves will fall on brown.

    Think back to the post Thatcher election....a certain Conservative loss until Major convinced the public with his "man of the people" skit.

    The Conservatives had 4 years in power that they didn't want and had no plan for.
  6. Exactly right. By no-one wants an election they mean no Liabour politician wants an election as they know they will be out of a job pretty darn quick.
    Isn't it amazing how they all squeeze into little tight circles when they realise they might fall off the gravy train? A bit like all the journos complaining about the Mosley affair and moaning about "privacy" laws.
    Mind you, since politicos are entitled to the same pension benefits after 10 years that the rest of us have to work 40 years for they certainly won't be wondering how their next gas bill is going to be paid. Wonder if John Lewis will have a "get your furniture now at taxpayers expense before you're all on benefits" sale?
  7. Prentice has been bleating every time Labours poll results have slipped. Apparently he was calling fo Blair to go 3 years before he did.

    Prentice should not be used as a gauge of Labour MPs feelings.
  8. 'If the Times is correct, it appears that there are two candidates' very evenly matched - neither have got any balls. Milliband showed his courage last year by being too scared to challenge Gordon so expect no great things from him. If Harperson gets the job she will only deepen the eventually collapse of Labour. I think she is more hated than even Brown is.
  9. Well, if she isn't, she soon will be.
  10. One section of the Parliamentary Labour Party claims Brown is the man to lead the country and another says he must go. It seems clear therefore that whichever way the party jumps, Brown or whoever replaces him will be there on sufferance of the other faction.

    Labour can’t have it both ways, so the electorate can only conclude that the Government is not fit for purpose.
  11. It seems you are more upset by the way the statement was worded than the message itself. I wouldn't get so uppity about it. Are your bootlaces too tight or something?
  12. The days of the unholy LIB/LAB/CON trinity are numbered, none of them have anything to offer. Same sh*t in slightly different packaging.

    The Tories will win the next election and carry on in the same snouts in the trough manner as Liarbour.

    Then a new power shall rise!