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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, May 12, 2010.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Congratulations to Liam Fox on his appointment as Secretary of State for Defence: as the first front bench defence spokesman to engage directly with Arrse, at least we know he's reading some of the right briefings!

  2. Crawler :D
  3. Perhaps we ought to give him a month or two to see how much congratulating he deserves?
    Excuse the cynical view but the coming weeks will prove how worthy he is.

    How much influence is Paddy Ashdown going to have in Defence now?
  4. At least he wont have to think about locking his car for a while, might save MOD a few more laptops.
  5. how much time did he serve? and how long ago was it?
  6. It will be interesting to see how Dr Fox deals with the forthcoming SDR, then we'll see how arrse reacts??
  7. I think Fox is a good bloke and knows his brief, it's what Osborne says is affordable that will shape the SDR. Despite assurances that it wouldn't be a budget driven process I am certain that in reality it will be just that.

    Don't forget also that the Lib Dems would have the nation shielded by a selection of Ginsters pies given half a chance and they will have an input.
  8. Mmmh, I guess it rather depends on what a rummage through the Treasury files brings for George Osbourne this morning.
    I'm sure we all have ideas about what needs to be done and where money needs to be channeled to (lets not forget the RN and RAF who have been hammered in recent years too) but its all dependent on whats in the pot isn't it?
  9. My bold: affordable v essential?
  10. If its essential its affordable, plenty of non essential areas across the board where savings can be made. Labours QUANGO's being the first target of any cull.

    Let us hope Mr Osbourne and Dr Fox gets their priorities right.
  11. The new National Security Council meets this afternoon I believe.
    It would appear they are taking it seriously.
  12. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, could I make the point to Foxy (who will, no doubt be reading this thread with tremendous interest and quoting it in the House soon after breakfast) that:

    - We are engaged in a war

    - Our allocation of limited defense resources should be aimed in that direction, rather than at potential conflicts we might (but probably will not, given the general inaccuracy of crystal balls, esp military issue ones) engage in.

    - Most of the items required for said war - notably appropriately armoured vehicles and cargo helicopters - are NOT cutting-edge-tech, super-expensive, years-of-R&D-before-they-reach-the-boys, big-ticket items. (Though if the new aircraft carriers or Trident subs come equipped them with wheels, it would be psychologically devastating for the enemy to watch our ipod-wearers drive them through downtown Garmsir.)

    - War is more about chaps than it is about chips or ships. Given this, how about motivating the troops with better housing and forces-specific hospitals?

    - Oh, and to have a strategy would be nice. Should your boffins manage - somehow, and against all odds - to come up with the aforesaid, kindly communicate it to the general public, rather than leaving it to speculation over dinner tables, editorial desks and laptops with "ARRSE" at the top of the screen.

    That consulting would usually cost you (pre-tax) GBP50,000, but given the state of the economy I'll settle for a fiver.

    Cheers, good luck and out.

  13. Apart from the strategy and the hospitals points which is KEY, this person is a clown (if indeed Mr Fox is reading this which IMHO is 50/50) - "prepare for this war", at any point in history when has that turned out well for the participants? Answer - IT HASN'T

    Mr Fox, do what your admirals, Generals and Air marshals tell you, not what some random forum poster. As i'm very sure you will be.
  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    One important part of Fox's job is to screw more money out of the Treasury and to work within Cabinet to achieve this (a more than ordinarily difficult task with the Limp Dims on board). The awful word 'affordable' (now also being used in the US) implies that Defence is some sort of luxury add-on rather than the primary purpose for which people submit to Government. Fox particularly has to avoid the uncertain, far distant, 50-year horizon future being raided to fund the present.
  15. So, now that the Government is in, will the Tory policy of establishing a 2 star Homeland Security Command come to fruition? I thought that we already had SJC (UK) doing this.