Liam Fox speaking on Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. On BBC News 24 now.

    Seems to be banging home many subjects. Certainly more than the 2 mins last week.

    Well done.
  2. Which roughly translates to - "I will say anything to anyone in an attempt to get more votes"

    In other words - SNAFU.

    There is a reason Broon didn't court the military - all his focus groups and Committees told him it wasn't worth the effort. And it wasn't! :D
  3. :? :? Whats his service record? : :? :?
  4. Thats one way of putting it!
  5. Yes indeed, 'Courting' is an interesting word when used with reference to Brown...
  6. From the Conservatives website

    My first memory of him was when he spoke in favour (and in the face of animal welfare groups' protests) of continuing the practice of military surgeons using shot and blown-up pigs to gain experience of battlefield trauma, arguing that the lives of soldiers were more important than the lives of pigs and that it was a necessary evil.
  7. Does the word we are thinking of begin with F, end with g and have uckin in the middle?
  8. He was apparently a civilain army medical officer so he at least realises tat there is an army.
  9. What he has to say according to yahoo news.............

    The Conservatives will fight the next election campaigning for a "bigger Army", according to shadow defence secretary Liam Fox.

    In a speech at the party's conference in Blackpool, Fox accused the government of neglecting the armed forces.

    The Tories would, he said, restore three infantry battalions, and would make sure servicemen were welcomed home "as heroes".

    "In the real world the only logical conclusion you can come to is that the Army is already too small," he said.

    "Let me tell you that the Conservative Party will ensure that whenever the election comes the need for a bigger army, returning to proper, planned establishment level will be a key battleground."

    The morning debate on national and international security was peppered with criticism of the prime minister and Des Browne, repeatedly referred to as a "part-time" or "job share defence secretary" because of his dual role as Scotland secretary which Fox said was an "insult to our serving men and women.

    Speaking as Gordon Brown visited Iraq, Fox said the prime minister's speech to Labour's conference last week contained only 126 words about the armed forces.

    "One word for every two service men or women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan," he said.

    "I hope you remember that when you are having your photo opportunities in Iraq today."

    He called the government's conference announcement that troops serving six months in Iraq or Afghanistan would get a £140 council tax rebate a "con".

    "Those serving six month prison sentences pay nothing at all," he said.

    "How can it be that you are better off doing time with those who harm the country than serving time with those who defend the country?"

    Fox said a Tory government would ensure military personnel are treated in separate wards.

    And he called for troops returning from active service to be "properly welcomed home". "In the United States they return as heroes and we should be ashamed they do not get the same treatment here," he said.

    Calling for more support for military families, he said: "Gordon Brown says that he understands the armed forces."

    "But if he truly understood them he would know that behind every solider, sailor, airmen and marine there is a family - a wife, a husband - children and parents who all have needs, anxieties and fears.

    "One sure way to create a retention crisis is to have unhappy personnel. One sure way to have unhappy personnel is to have unhappy families."
  10. Empty promises from a party that has the interests of business men and women only.Same old Tory waffle as usual.
  11. Same old tory waffle? At least they bothered to string some sort of waffle together. Broon and those who support him and his morally corupt party can go play with the dogsh1t on my shoe -in fact they can feck off they're not fit to lick the dogsh1t on my shoe
  12. Agreed,
    The amount of posters on here who moan that 'no party listens to us poor squaddies', however when the 'opposition' actually does mention 'us' they are sniped at as not to be believed.
    Damned if you do, damned if you dont, well lets just carry on voting Labour then folks, 'cos look where thats got us!!
  13. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Liam Fox. If you are idiotic enough to act like Turkeys then go ahead and vote for Christmas, put your cross in the box marked LABOUR. A good track record of 10 years of shafting.
  14. Well, I guess some people will hear what they want to hear.

    Increasing the size of the armed forces is not an election winner for the Tories. They may actually be saying this because they think it's necessary.
  15. A change to the Tories can only be an improvement - they'd have to try bl00dy hard to be worse for us than Neu Arbeit!