Liam Fox: Scrap taxes, axe benefits, easier sackings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radiance, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Liam Fox: Scrap taxes, axe benefits, easier sackings - it's time to take some risks | Mail Online

    At last a minister talking sense!

    The easiest solution to end benefit fraud and its associated enforcement costs is to end benefits entirely.

    The only things he has left out is relaxed gun controls and the right for home/business owners to shoot dead trespassers.
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  2. He's exactly what we need! Someone with integrity, to look at things objectively and not think about what's in it for himself.
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  3. Nail on the head. Our Liam is a grossly misunderstood man of the people :)
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  4. What, like having the public purse pay for your mortgage... like Liam Fox did?

    Utter ****.

    I want to see anybody in favour of this if it was to happen.

    Lose your job on a whim to appease shareholders / so the boss can get the latest Aston, and as a result lose your entire livelihood. "Should've worked harder then! Tough luck son!"
  5. Well let's be pragmatic about this. Our leadership appears to fall into two categories:
    1) The self-serving ones who take our money for themselves and gives it to unemployed dolies & scroungers, thus charging us high taxes for their charity.

    2) The self-serving ones who take our money for themselves and do not give it to unemployed dolies & scroungers, thus charging us lower taxes.
  6. Liam Fox is plainly determined to build a power-base on the right of the party - having been caught transporting his 'close friend' around the world to try and cadge work, it's his only way back into front-line politics.

    If any of you think he means any of this, or would do the slightest thing about it even if he was in a position to, I have several bridges you might be interested in purchasing.
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  7. What does that have to do with cutting taxes, benefits and making it easier to sack people?

    I think the basic principle is "My company, my right to hire/fire." Similar to "My house, you intrude, your hot soup."

    Mind your own purse and stop being a busybody looking at others'.
  8. I think the subject of debate here is whether slashed taxes, benefits and employment rights is a good idea, rather than what sort of person Liam Fox is, which I suspect opinion would be rather unanimous on.
  9. Clearly something which isn't going to happen for the consumption of the more right wing members of the party. I assume he's planning a leadership challenge when Dave fucks his position up completely?

    You make soup for burglars?
  10. Yep and of all european nations it's already the easiest to sack people in the UK.

    The thing is we need protection from exploitation as well.

    I'm not looking at anybody's purse, I am very well off as it is.

    I just don't think a wealthy country should have absolutely no safety net and that a country should have a large middle class, not be divided in super rich and super poor.
    If you don't like that idea, there are plenty of backward 3rd world countries in the world which live by your values.
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  11. And my response is that the point is moot, it's just his personal posturing for the right of his party. Sackings on a whim coupled with removing the means of support for the unemployed would mean that they would riot and simply take what they needed to live on. Any savings would be reversed x10 by the need for massive law enforcement and a vast prison-building programme.

    The idea is complete ballocks, put forward by a dishonest man to gain himself a political following, in the fantastical belief that he might stand a chance of the leadership when Cameron is binned in a couple or three years.
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  12. We already have a facotry sacking all its workers and replacing them with "trainees who will be gaurunteed a job interview" note not a job if they complete the "training oppurtunity"
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