'Liaising' with the French

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SquabblingBleeder, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Bonjour tous le monde. Je suis le patron maintenant! J'ai un aircraft carrier (although c'est en panne at the moment) et je don't necessarily agree avec tout votre foreign policy.
  2. Exactly. Well said.
  3. "Hello everyone. I am the boss now! I have an aircraft carrier (although it's down at the moment) and I do not necessarily agree with all your foreign policy."

    Courtsey of Google Translator :-D
  4. Just wondering about a Falklands scenario. Would they sell aircraft and missiles to the Argies or support a UK Task Force? (I know it is over 30 years ago - I was just thinking.)
  5. It's a matter of trust. Our history has always shown that you can only place your trust in the French if you first place your trust in the sword and then place that in the Frenchman.
  6. Je suis tres FECKED !!
  7. Always amazes me that this stereotypical shit gets trotted out whenever the French Forces are mentioned.

    I wonder how many people on here have actually worked with the French Forces for any length of time,and I'm not talking about "trouser shiners",at places like SHAPE,I mean the genuine article, like the "13 ème Régiment des dragons parachutistes" (13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment ), anyone wants to call any of these guys "Surrender Monkeys",let me know and I'll sell some tickets for the fight.

    I "liaised" with them for about 5 years,and found the ones I met to be very professional indeed.

    So instead of an ill-informed opinion,why not wait and see what happens,eh? ;-)
  8. RR, the issue is more the political will, rather than the military ability. If France have economic concerns about a locale, will they be prepared to support an Anglo-French military that has intentions of asserting authority in that geography? And yes, I saw your smiley :)
  9. It is always the politics. I'm sure the French special forces (such as the Dragons) would be up for it but would their masters.
  10. Don’t be daft. The French have no word for liaison*.

    *©GW Bush
  11. Fair point all round. I wonder what opinions the French have about working with British troops.
    I wouldn't mind betting there are a few still harbouring a grudge over Oran.
  12. Believe it or not the 13 RDP,are not classed as "Special Forces" in the strictest sense,and I still think that we should wait for the substance of the Treaty to be published,as I am sure there are as many Frenchmen,thinking exactly the same dark thoughts on the French equivalent of ARRSE! ;-)

    As a footnote I was at their open day near Dieuze,about 4 weeks ago,and met many old friends (up until the late 70's,all the touring Adjutant Chefs,from the French MLM in the DDR,were from 13 rdp),sadly I no longer drink so they "sagged" long before me! :)
  13. Don't know, maybe the missiles could be loaded onto destroyers sold to the Argies by the British?
  14. It could either work fantastically well, or go horribly, horribly wrong.

    I'm more surprised that there hasn't been a similar idea put towards the Yanks or Germans (at least, the idea of a dual-nationality battalion.).
  15. Do we have reverse gears on our tanks, aircraft carriers, planes ect? Food would be good though