LIAG(V) multiple questions

I was hoping to get a response from someone with experience within the LIAG. I already have 5 years in another corps as a jnco but have an interest in this unit and may apply at some point.

I have emailed the unit directly a while back for some answers, so I have done some research already, I would just like a wider range of views.

What sort of experience do the current members bring, I would bring 11+ years of enterprise level computing support/sysadmin, is this on par? or is more for IS managers and directors?

What are main products that I would be expected to produce?

Why do I need to become commissioned, can't I do the same job as an NCO?

Are you selected for your ability to be a Officer or on expertise? Where does one exercise their officer leadership skills? e.g. would I be expected to ever teach platoon level infantry attacks? (I would hope not)

What sort of training is provided, green and trade?

How long before I could be useful to the unit?

Thanks for your answers.
LIAG are IA bods and as such are mainly after security bods especially Pen testers etc There are several forums already dedicated LIAG with some good info on them but the bottom line seems to be unless you are in a dedicated security role with a degree and are commisioned or are able to commision they will just pass your details over to RSigs CVHQ. Polar seems to have all the upto date info so it might be worth while flicking him a PM.
With your background I'd look at LCISG, they appear to be taking people with a broader set of IT skills (and ex reg YofS and FofS).

I believe you still get commissioned but not with a normal commission, you get a 'vicars and tarts' commission or PQO (Professionally Qualified Officers). I don't believe they deliver any 'trade' training, I think they will concentrate on MATTS on weekend (only a few a year).

Might be an idea to contact TA_Sig, he's been in touch with them recently.

PM me if you like - I've had a wee bit of involvement with them in the recent past.

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