Liabour MSP admits to trying to burn down hotel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 1, 2005.

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    It's a shame he didn't use one of two plausible excuses:

    1. He was trying to demonstrate the fires of Hell which will await him and all Liabour liars.

    2. In a divinely inspired moment, he realised that all politicians (especially Liabour ones) were lying scum and deserved to be burned to death. If things had gone to plan, he would have then sat down cross-legged like a Saigon monk to await his fate.

  2. Ah, the Jocks. You gotta love em.
  3. a tw@t's a tw@t no matter his nationality .... and the fact thats he's a mate of mr bliar overrides his scottishness but at least he tried to torch his colleagues ..... thats got to be a mitigating circumstance!
  4. There's definitely a distinction here between Labour and the Tories.

    Labour obviously don't care whose lives they put at risk in hotel rooms, including their own. Conservatives only jeopardise their own lives as they don the bin liner, the women's underwear, and their teeth clamp down onto the orange.
  5. I looked at the BBC report a couple of hours ago.
    Intresting that the report has been edited and referance to Watsons time as a Labour Union leader has now vanished.
  6. And of course he will be stripped of his peerage. Hmmm ... I won't hold my breath.
  7. I wasn't aware that as a member of the Upper House of Parliament a person could also serve as an MSP? Now that's pension worth having!!!

    I hope he spends a long time Barlinnie. Arson is probably the most serious property offence on the statute books.
  8. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Watson plead guilty to the charge of fire-raising and then said he would resign as an MSP as he could not continue to be part of a law making body. He will recive a pension based on his length of service as an MSP.

    He committed the offence in November last year - as he plead guilty he knew he did it. Why then did he not resign immediately? Why did he get his brief to delay the trial for as long as possible and then plead at the last moment? Could it have anything to do with 10 months extra time with his snout in the politician's trough getting a large salary and extra pension rights?

    He should not be allowed to resign from parliament - he should be brought back, charged with bringing Holyrood into disrepute(if that is possible) and sacked for gross misconduct, loss of pension, forfeiture of salary back to Nov 04 when he became a criminal. Same deal from House of Lords. Get rid of the cnut.

    I wonder how much support he will received from his bum pal Bliar now?
  9. Don't be so soft in the head! Of course he won't get a harsh sentance from the beak. Since when has any of Tony's Cronies ever paid for one of their crimes? He will claim a hard childhood and that he was abused by a catholic priest caused him to start the fire. I bet you a beer that the bar-steward will keep his pensions!

    The only fire he should get is at the end of "Ready! Aim! ....."
  10. Good God! And I thought that his most heinious crime was drunken arson! In fact he's been undermining the very fabric of our society by demanding reasonable wages and conditions for his evil working class cohorts! Has the man no shame!

    I confidently predict that, over the weekend, the Daily Mail will discover that he is invloved in the sacrifice of babies, the drinking of virgins' blood, and the spending of taxpayers hard earned money on poor pensioners and orphans.
  11. He's responsible for bringing in the hunting ban in Scotland.
  12. Death is, quite clearly, too good for him
  13. Neuropletic wrote

    It was arson. Do you add 'drunken' in mitigation? Watson is a Scale A cnut, nose in the trough, champagne socialist, liar (wisnae me setting light to the curtains in the CCTV) waster of police time, waster of court time, plastic peer, arsonist, danger to life and limb and has the nerve to introduce laws to protect foxes?

    Hope he gets a long sentence. He should forfeit all pension and terminal grants from the Scottish Joke Parliament, jail or not. He is an utter disgrace. Death is too good for him.
  14. When I was in the Royal Navy, we only recruited people who understood irony...
  15. I think he believed that, as one of the "special people" he was not bound by the laws that us mere mortals must follow and that common sense would prevail in the offices of the Procurator Fiscal and the charges would be dropped.

    In the real world, things took a different course!

    I hope he gets sent to Peterheid clink where he will hopefully become the hoop-bitch of the largest and most infected prisoner in the UK. :twisted: