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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. Remember the Liabour pledge cards of 2005?

    Let's keep a track of how they are doing.

    Here is my one:

  3. So, by this rationale can we attribute the antics of Fred West and Harold Shipman to the Tories?
  4. You can if you want, but those lot aren't in power any more and nothing can be done about it.

    But it would be nice to think we can give Liabour the kick and give someone else a chance.
  5. Harold Shipman wasn't just poisoning the elderly under the Tories...some of his crimes probably go back to before Thatcher, and he wasn't arrested until 1998! :twisted:
  6. Can you provide a comparison to the example I quoted?

    In any case, it was New Labour who made such a fuss about manifesto promises, who talked about no more sleaze, and who have signally failed to deliver. Then there's...(continued on p.94)
  7. For a more empirical list of all the things labour have been upto, visit

    makes for interesting reading :D
  8. See? Within months of New Labour taking power, Harold Shipman was arrested and behind bars. A glorious victory for our Dear Leader! :lol:

    The point I was trying to make was that there's no point in trying to blame all of society's ills on the government of the day. The basic premise of the thread is flawed, unless of course you demonstrate some sort of causality (ASBOs, soft of criminals etc, etc.).

    VB, I can cite the example of the Tory "Back to Basics" campaign which amongst other things pledged a return to family values- only a few weeks later Steven Milligan was found to have suffocated to death with the help of a satsuma, electrical cord and a bin bag, while dressed in women's stockings.

    Agent Smith: Do the names Jonathan Aitkin, Jeffrey Archer and Neil Hamilton mean anything to you? :D

    Not defending Labour or TCB and cronies. Just making the point that everyone's at it.
  9. Yes, they do. Just that the New labour creeps have taken sleaze to a whole other level :D
  10. well said crabtastic
    I really don't see how labour have taken sleaze to a new level, there are countless examples from all parties of far worse in the past than the current offerings "visa for mistress's babysitter" oooooooooh
    they've all failed on pledges, ideals, whatever

    on a slight aside did anyone else notice that paddy ashdown was running bosnia for a couple of years and has only just been replaced? not good enough for uk politics but fine to run a war ravaged and racially divided country!!!
  11. Phoney Tony hasn't got the initials "TB" for nothing! He's like an incipient disease!

  12. Matrix Churchill
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Smithie - while I can see where you are coming from your basic premis is wrong.

    Many of us believed T Bliar (Things can only get better) in 1979, but really we were only voting in a different set of 'snouts for the trough' and this is becoming more and more evident.

    Politician = sleeze (regardless of party). Independants, not sure about as they don't come out and say anything and the media love them as they are instant quotes.

    My own opinion - for what it is worth, and that is your decision, ALL politicians should be independant, but that will never work in our society (or any human society).

    Over to you.
  14. Freudian Slip? :D
  15. Good point, Auld Yin.Top suggestion.
    But just because nobody's ever tried it, doesn't mean it won't work. It the UK had a real gobment, instead of the hucksters, shysters and crooks in power at the moment, they'd at least "suck it and see".
    Can't be any worse than the present bunch of fücking wasters, can it?