Liabour corruption "crimes"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 23, 2006.

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    The "world's leading anti-corruption watchdog" has sent an 8-page dossier to the Met on the loans-for-peerages scandal, outlining possible criminal offences committed.

    Send Bliar down now! He can have Jeffrey Archer's old cell. :twisted:

  2. I find it amazing that until pointed out by an external body, the scope of the Police Investigation is limited and focused.

    Could it be suggested that they (the Police) have also been 'guided' in this direction, is the contravention of Honours Act less worrying then being found guilty of Bribery? I find the comment 'detailed legal analysis' interesting, at least Ian Blair can't suggest that there is no case to answer.
  3. Latest News!!!!

    Tony Blair has signalled his intention to crack down harder on organised criminals, with a set of sanctions designed to "harry, hassle and hound" them into going straight or leaving the country.

    Does this apply to the Liability (Labour) Party????????
  4. Oh dear, what you have overlooked in your zeal to see justice, and Tony, done is that where there is detailed legal analysis, there to is detailed legal opinion. Usually if there is a legal opinion to be had, the permutations on that are n+1 (where n is the number of lawyers consulted).

    Personally I have always liked Jack Dromey and thought him of the same ilk as Wedgie Benn, Frank field and dennis skinner. Men whose politics I do not share in the main but whose principles I admire. I am sad to see that he is either an empty vessel or sadly so foolish and naive as to undermine everything he ever stood for. I personally, from the point of view of "normal" governance find it incredible that a treasurer did not a)notice the big bucks and b)question where they came from. It seems sadly that he went along, even if he wasn't a driver. His comment about the double standard of transparency is achingly profound and just as achingly ironic!
  5. Message to HMG. "Get bent!"

    Sorry they already are.
  6. It's an interesting article but the writer has put his own paper's party political slant on it by failing to name the movers and shakers in the Tory party. The ones who may be coming under closer scrutiny as a result of this. We know they're all corrupt but we, the disenfranchised, should be reminded of the individuals involved across the narrow political spectrum. I'm no apologist for Labour (they're disgusting), but I note that the loans figure is greater for the Tories, yet the focussed reportage further down the same article is disproportionate.

    It's just occurred, the fact that the Tories are the opposition shouldn't get them off the hook or entitle them to a lower level of scrutiny!
  7. Whilst i agree with your sentiment, the fact is that labour are the party in power, and as such bear the biggest responsibility. Hence why they should be (and are) facing the probing lights of transparency :D