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Discussion in 'RLC' started by bombdr2494, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Most of you will have already read my threads on my medical discharge.
    Well i recieved a pension forecast, which states i will get an invaliding terminal grant off the armmy, does that mean they accept responsibility that they "broke" me and would it be easier to make a claim of negligence against the MOD?? any help much appreciate guys, and thanks for all the relplies in previous threads :thumright:
  2. If they admit liability it only means you don't pay tax on your war pension (well that is what it meant for me, I stand to be corrected).

    It does not however mean that you can automatically sue for negligence. It only means that your injuries are attributable to your military service. If you want to sue for negligence you have to prove that the army were in fact negligent. Injury due to military service does not automatically mean they were negligent.

    We would need to know more about your case to be able to advise you on a negligence case. Probably worth going to see one of those vile 'no win, no fee' scammers, sorry I mean lawyers.

    I would give it a lot of thought before you do sue the army though and weigh up the pros and cons. Don't forget that if the army pay out to you then that is less kit for the boys and girls out on ops.
  3. To go after the MOD for Med/negligence, you will not get a 'No win No Fee, However if you are not working, & on Benefits & have a better then 50% case,(of winning) you may get a CLS Funding Certificate to help with the costs.

    Also did you have Pax, if you did put a claim in with them for your injury.

    Have a read of the last Soldier Magazine (Jan 2007), all of the solicitors in the Mag will give you free advice, & are specialists in handling the MOD, with claim of compensation.
  4. Are you for real???? Do you really think people are going to think about that when deciding to sue or not?

    You're on a different planet mate :(
  5. Some solicitors ive spoken to have said they will take it on on a no win no fee bassis, and pax will cover the independant specialists costs. As for thinking before i sue, i accept that i joined and could expect injuries. BUT it is the medical treatment afterwards just was not good enough. The NHS helped me more than the MOD.
  6. Obviously. I didn't sue and this was one of my main reasons. I still think it is worth pointing out to people. You never know..............