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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by stackon, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. Gents,

    Just after a bit of advice. I've decided to go for a bit of a career change. I passed my Cat C licence back in 1990 and have been driving with the army worldwide until I retired earlier this year on and off as not RLC.

    I've applied for and got my Digi Tach card and class 2 licence already, but need advice on the other items below before going on training to get then. I understand about C+E and will be going for that, but in addition could anyone give me advice on the following:

    1. CPC - now I understand I will fall into the Periodic bracket, but do I need to have my CPC certificate before I can drive HGVs on the UK/European roads? If so, I'll include in my training schedule. I also fancy doing some long distance work internationally, therefore does the CPC cover Europe as well?

    2. ADR - I live on the M4 corridor between Swindon and Bristol and have fuel depots close by (avonmouth). Is the ADR once you have it ok for all hazmat/petroleum or do you need additional licences?

    I'm not after mahoosive wages and would be happy with around 25k per year, is this achievable? I have my army pension so that always helps out. I've been working in Iraq since the start of the year in security and have a 12 month visa for that place but am fed up of that and not really interested in my main mil trade of admin/HR.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
  2. daz

    daz LE

    DCPC must be completed before Sept 2014 for LGV drivers, without it you will not be able to work as a LGV driver.

    ADR, Would depend on the course you undertook, you've got both Tanks and Packaging , plus the various classes - please note that Class 1 – Explosives and Class 7 – Radioactive's are generally run as separate modules and not included in the typical ADR training.

    You should be looking at 5 day courses to get both T & P, but on the upside, that should give you 21 hours towards your DCPC.
  3. ..yeah your CPC covers you on European roads.
  4. The other thing to bare in mind is that a lot of firms are getting funny about who they take on. Some are insisting on things like "must have 180 days driving experience over the last 2 years" so make sure you bluff them if that's not the case.
  5. daz

    daz LE

    That's a standard clause for Driving agencies due to drivers negligence insurance requirements