LGV on Military Medical

I'm just applying for my civvy LGV licence to drive C and then C+E.

I was told at the TA that my current medical with them covers me for this licence so I dont have to fork out another £40 for it.

Anyone know if this is true? DVLA are useless and the website is a joke for finding information.


If a form D4 was completed at the time of your medical then yes, if not it's a resounding no. Speak to your unit about the medical, which capbadge are you?

If the fact that you hold the licence is a benefit to the unit you are with then they may put you through the licence aquisition.
I'm Royal Sigs.

The unit does need C and C+E drivers for the Sqn CP but as its taken 12 months to try and sort getting B+E so I can drive an FFR (i already hold B and have B+E provisionally) then I'm not holding out hope.

No D4 was completed at time of medical so I'll have to stump up the cash-o-la so that I can get it done by my doc.
I would at least speak to your PSAO.

It wil e deemed as an asset to the unit and if you are driving FFR's then you could drive the 4 tonner instead to assist with the CP
I've just returned from my CAT C course and didnt need a medical

My Unit sent off my licence and i didn't need to visit a doc.

So I guess it is right that your Army medical covers your HGV.

Hope this helps

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