LGV Drivers required at Heathrow - £22,443

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by DemobJob, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. New vacancy posting on CivvyJobs.com for LGV Drivers at Heathrow, interested in ex-military jobseekers.

    See the following link for all the detail and application process:

    Driver (initial 1 year contract)
  2. Oh, crikey, they will have to live in the Cab full time for that amount of Coin!
  3. That figure is just about the same as the pay for a teacher in the Heathrow area in the first year of their career.
  4. That is crap for LGV, I was earning that 15 years back as HGV 2 driver!
  5. Is it part time ?
  6. The pay hasn't really gone up since then. Foreign drivers have reduced the pay drastically.
  7. He's a foreign driver.???
  8. I know it's a job, with a good wedge....but Gate Gourmet?
    Hey, a jobs a job mind....
  9. That's one reason I got out of driving 10 years back! Now a happy sparky earning twice that for less hours!
  10. Fair one, Mucker, good luck to you but I bet you miss all the short skirts, low cut
    tops in the Summer in the cars passing.........not to mention the naughty goings on
    in the Doggin' sites, mind you, you probably get it all the time in your job............
    ........Lucky Bwasterd!!!!!
  11. "I've got a problem with a light fitting in my bedroom" has been suggested once or twice!!!!!!
  12. Gotcha...you are Robin Asquith and I claim my £7 52p.
  13. No, he was a plumber or window cleaner wasn't he? :thumright:
  14. Splitting Hairs, Bud.
    I didn't say Splitting Hers.
  15. Or spitting hairs!!!!