LGV Courses?

Good evening my learned friends.
I am trying to find out how long the LGV course (for reserves) is. I already have the provisional licence; I'm just after the driving bit.

Any info gratefully received.

Errors and omissions excepted due to drunkness/drunkenness/being pissed.
it was a full week on cat c and full week on c+e if thats any help mate good courses and a hgv licence to boot. cheers claw
not sure how easy it is to get the course in a non transport unit, but if you have a loggie unit near by they run in house courses quite often


Dont forget the theory test which you have to take and pass prior to any training you may undertake.
As said before..Cat C theory test, then a 5 day contract driver training course. This could be extended due to lack of DDE's or u failing on your first attempt.
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